Exclusive interview: Mia Rinaldi in #VampireAcademy


When reading the VA books did you wonder what other characters thought about certain situations they were in?
Here is the answer! …Well to what Mia possibly thinks of the situations she’s put in!
A Vampire Academy Fan site has conducted a character interview of our beloved and hated queen b*tch Mia Rinaldi!


Welcome to this new feature of the week where you will able to read exclusive interviews from our favourite guys and gals!

This week features Mia Rinaldi, the self-appointed Queen of St Vlads, is she really as conceited as she seems to be or is she just pretending? Let’s discover what she has to say about herself!

Interviewer: What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone? Why?

Mia: Define worse?… cause quiet frankly I always think I could do better. I feel im being ‘too nice’ sometimes. But like yeah, I think a while back I gave one of my cousins hell and tried to sabotage her but like, she totally deserved it. Total who*e face.

Interviewer: Hum okay…I hope your cousin is alright, though…Describe your ideal man?

Mia: Well, I like tall guys, Funny guys. Someone with an impressive royal background. This is going to come out harsh, but he like needs to be HAWT. Spunkay spunkay. Has to please me in everyway, like my friends, do whatever I say, you know the usual, rada rada rada.

Interviewer: What do you like best (and least) about yourself?

Mia: Um ima be humble here n shiz. I like a few things about myself, such as:Hair, eyes, nose, lips, butt, back, feet, charm, fashion sense, voice, overall appearance, legs, hands, stomach, wrists, eyes and my strut ECT. I know I know, u can think of more dot points than my humble self :’) Now least favourite… Hmmmmm… Well by golly, I do not have any.

Interviewer: Very humble indeed…What is your happiest memory?

Mia: Always when im getting my shop on, some clothes r just WAY too gorg not to buy! Ugh I love shopping!

Interviewer: Could you share one thing about yourself that none knows?

Mia: Now why would I do that?

Interviewer: What is the dream you hold closest to your heart?

Mia: To be even more rich and to be famous bebz, like Paris Hilton, minus her extracurricularactivitehhh wink wink. Haterz will be hating.

Interviewer: What is the thing (or person) that you fear the most?

Mia: I fear NADA. I think I’m actually the answer to this question according to a lot of losers in our school, I mean its not my fault you’re a weakling.

Interviewer: What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Mia: Please refer to question 3, thanks

Interviewer: Well, thank you very much for this interesting interview, Mia!



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