Exclusive: Johanna Braddy Talks Run the Tide, Shares Quantico Teasers

johanna braddy run the tide

Let us tell you about the movie you should be watching this week: Run the Tide. The movie, which follows Rey – who kidnaps his younger brother Oliver to make for the California coast after their drug-abusing mother is released from prison, determined to rebuild their family – is a family drama that will give you all the feels. It also brings together a few of our favorite people: Taylor Lautner, Constance Zimmer, and Johanna Braddy, to name a few.

Fangirlish spoke exclusively with Johanna – whom you may recognize from your last binge-watching sesh of UnREAL or Quantico – about her character Michelle, working with Taylor Lautner, and what show she’s currently fangirling over.

Tell us a little bit about your character Michelle in Run the Tide.

Johanna Braddy: Michelle was Rey’s girlfriend in high school, and she kind of left with unfinished business – I don’t think she ever really got closure in that situation. She moved to San Francisco, she’s working at this startup as a social media strategist… She’s built this whole new life that is totally different from her life back home.

When her dad passes away, she comes back and is really confronted with a crossroads in her life and trying to decide what she wants. I think since the worlds were so different, it can kind of be a culture shock to go back home sometimes. Seeing Rey brought back all this euphoric recall and all these questions. I don’t think she has any cruel intentions, ever. That was so fun to play with her – someone who’s genuinely torn between two completely different lives.

Michelle and Rey obviously have some history as you mentioned, but we don’t delve too far into that in the film – it’s kind of hinted at. Did you and Taylor Lautner hash out that background at all?

Braddy: Yeah, we had a chance to meet with the director and really go through the scenes and the backstory together. We had a full day of rehearsal so we really got to build some history together, which was super nice. I think it shows in the rapport.

There’s a really great scene where you perform a song for Rey. What were your feelings on singing in the movie?

Braddy: I was so nervous! [laughs] We had pre-recorded the song and the guitar, which I was fine with – I’m cool with singing, that’s good. We did a bunch of takes like that. Then Soham [Mehta, the director] came over and he whispered to me, “Okay, I’m not going to tell them but I’m going to cut the music. Can you just do it live?” I was instantly so nervous. And that’s the take they ended up using!

johanna braddy run the tide

The scene leading up to that song where Michelle and Rey are sort of teasing each other seems like it would have been a lot of fun to film. Can you talk a little bit about that and your experience working with Taylor in general?

Braddy: That was a really fun day. Taylor is so kind and goofy and energetic – he’s just really playful and fun. Soham encouraged us to add little things, and we put as much of us and truth into it as we could. That was probably one of my favorite scenes to shoot.

Did you get to work much with Nico Christou, the boy playing Oliver?

Braddy: Not a ton. I got to be around him a lot more than I had scenes with him, but he was awesome. He was so young – I think he was 10 then. He was fantastic. Him and Taylor had a real brother bond by the end.

I know your paths don’t really cross on-screen, but did you get to spend any time with your UnREAL costar Constance Zimmer while you were working on this?

Braddy: Just a little bit, like at lunch. We don’t ever cross paths. But she’s the best, I love her.

What for you makes Run the Tide a must-see?

Braddy: It’s so relatable to so many different people. Almost every character is dealing with a weakness, inner or outer, and struggles to grasp onto their life and get control. I think everyone can relate to that, because we all strive to have control of our lives and you can’t always choose the hand that you’re dealt. You just have to make the best choices you can, and to watch these characters try and fail and get to the end of it – I think it’s really relatable to people.

Can you talk a little bit about what other projects you have coming up? I know you’ve been on Quantico

Braddy: Yeah, I mean that’s my life – you just said it. Quantico. We do it ten months a year, so we’re just in the thick of it right now. We’re shooting Episode 13, I think.

johanna braddy run the tide

Can you tease anything about what you’re most excited for fans to see from the rest of the season?

Braddy: I think I can only repeat what [Showrunner] Josh Safran says because I don’t ever want to get in trouble. [laughs] He was in an interview and he was saying that in the second half of Season 2, we’re going to add a little bit more comedy and lightheartedness – kind of like our holiday episode from Season 1. Just because of the times right now, he thinks that people could use a laugh or two. I’m really excited about that.

Lastly, at Fangirlish we’re all about sharing our fandom obsessions. Is there a show, a book, or a movie that you’re currently fangirling over?

Braddy: Um, yes! Right before you called I was watching Good Behavior. It’s really good. Michelle Dockery is so good, and her American accent is fantastic. I’m very impressed with her.

Run the Tide is in theaters now.

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