Exclusive: Jeff Davis Talks ‘Teen Wolf’ 5B Influences, Says Scott and Stiles Will Make a Pact to Rebuild the Pack

When you have the chance to watch an entire season of Teen Wolf on the big screen, you take it. Fangirlish attended the Los Angeles and New York screenings of the Teen Wolf Red Eyes Marathon earlier this week, settling in for an awesome night filled with food, swag, and all of Season 5A in cinematic glory… not to mention appearances from some of our favorite Beacon Hills residents.

We had the chance to chat EXCLUSIVELY with the special guests in Los Angeles, including stars Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry, as well as Creator/Executive Producer Jeff Davis. We always love talking with Davis, who offers incredible insight on all things Teen Wolf. We discussed what kind of feel 5B will have, where Scott’s priorities lie now that he has been resurrected, and more.

Teen Wolf has always been really great to the fans – going to Comic-Con and all that – but this is really the first time they’ve done an event like this. What did you think when you found out about the event?

Jeff Davis: I thought it was a great idea. I’m the kind of person who loves to go see stuff in the theater all the time, and I love the idea that if we’re striving to make this as cinematic as possible – like a movie – that it gets to be seen on the big screen, at least by some die-hard fans. So I’m very happy to do it.

Sort of speaking of movies, Teen Wolf is always really big on genre. If 5A was medical horror, how would you characterize 5B?

Jeff: 5B we describe as a monster movie. We’ve got a very big new creature coming out that is hard to do, and we wanted to make it almost – we kept talking about like great Godzilla movies, or stuff like that. Great horror, creature movie-type moments. We’re really striving to make it kind of a monster movie, but it’s also very much a season about friendship, too – about rebuilding your pack of friends in senior year.

There are a lot of returning characters this season – some we haven’t seen for a very long time. Can you talk about bringing them back into the fold?

Jeff: It’s great to be bringing in actors that we love to work with, and one of the great things is that the storyline allowed us to do that. It let us bring Michael Hogan as Gerard back, it gave us a way to bring Deucalion back – and I love those actors. We’re very lucky because we’ve not only had very good success with finding great actors, but great people – and they are so nice to be on set, so these are the kind of people you want on set.

What do you think is a bigger priority for Scott right now: rebuilding the pack, or taking on the new enemies (and the old enemies that are still around)?

Jeff: Well the first priority for him in this new season is to get his pack back together – to rebuild his friendships. He realizes that he’s stronger with his friends, that he allowed Theo to undermine him and to splinter them apart. He and Stiles make a pact, actually, to get the friends and the pack back together.

There’s also a scene that was teased in the trailer that a lot of people are really excited for with Stiles and Lydia, getting Lydia out of Eichen House. Can you tease anything about that?

Jeff: That’s a two-part episode, and it’s all about the rescue of Lydia. But the great fun about the whole season, actually, is we get to see how Lydia develops her abilities and her power – and for me, it’s fun to see the fruition of that. We’ve been building to that for so many episodes. But also, they’re great together. Stiles and Lydia are Maddie and David; they’re the Mulder and Scully of our show – they’re always just good together. So it’ll be fun.

How would you describe the 5B premiere episode in 5 words?

Jeff: 5 words? Intense. That’s my one word. To quote Mason, “Intense.” [laughs]



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Teen Wolf returns to MTV on Tuesday, January 5 at 9 PM ET.

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