EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & INTERVIEW: Viola Davis on the Set of Beautiful Creatures

Happy New Year Casters! We were thinking about what we could do to show our appreciation for you, and we decided that we wouldn’t make you wait until Friday for our set visit piece. We love this video of the wonderful Viola Davis talking everything from Casters, Amma, Technology, Fantasy.

Viola Davis was one of the most amazing people we got to meet in 2012. She walks in to a room, and you can’t help but look at her and be struck by her grace, her beauty, and her love for the world around her.

She was kind enough to talk with us, but also take a picture with us. We don’t have that picture yet, but when we do, we will share. Viola spoke with us briefly and was so great about us being fans. We laughed and talked about Enders Game too (which isn’t in this interview). She remarked how great the kids from Enders Game were, and how Aramis Knight and Asa Butterfield were such good boys.

Viola, we apologized for sweating on you in New Orleans, and thanked you for understanding how hot it was. But we would like to thank you for being so gracious and reminding us dreams do come true.

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