Expect Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode Titles? Get So Much More!

As usual, Marvel Netflix had to do something creative to release the episode titles of Season 2 of Jessica Jones. We were expecting something amazing, but we got so much more. They took to the official Jessica Jones Twitter account yesterday. Not only did they announce the episode titles, the directors and writers of each episode but we got gorgeous comic book style covers created by female artists. And they are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. You can see the passion for the subject matter and lets just face it they picked some bad ass artists to create these images.

Check them out below:

MuchEpisode #201 aka Start at the Beginning Directed by: Anna Foerster, Written by: Melissa Rosenburg, Illustrated by: Stephanie Hans

MuchEpisode #202 aka Freak Accident Directed by: Minkie Spiro, Written by: Aida Mashaka Croal, Illustrated by: Jen Bartel

MuchEpisode #203 aka Soul Survivor Directed by: Mairzee Almas, Written by: Lisa Randolph, Illustrated by: Elizabeth Torque

MuchEpisode #204 aka God Help the Hobo Directed by: Deborah Chow, Written by: Jack Kenny, Illustrated by: Kate Niemczyk

MuchEpisode #205 aka The Octopus Directed by: Millicent Shelton, Written by: Jamie King, Illustrated by: Colleen Doran

MuchEpisode #206 aka FaceTime Directed by: Jet Wilkinson, Written by: Raelle Tucker, Illustrated by: Erica Henderson

MuchEpisode #207 aka I Want Your Cray Cray Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger, Written by: Hilly Hicks Jr, Illustrated by: Audrey Mok

MuchEpisode #208 aka Ain’t We Got Fun Directed by: Zetna Fuentes, Written by: Gabe Fonseca, Illustrated by: Joyce Chin

MuchEpisode #209 aka Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed Directed by: Rosemary Rodriguez, Written by: Jenny Klein, Illustrated by: Jenny Frisson

MuchEpisode #210 aka Pork Chop Directed by: Neasa Hardiman, Written by: Aida Mashaka Croal, Illustrated by: Amy Reeder

Episode #211 aka Three Lives and Counting, Directed by: Jennifer Lynch, Written by: Jack Kenny & Lisa Rudolph, Illustrated by: Emanuela Lupacchino

Episode #212 aka Pray For My Patsy, Directed by: Liz Friedlander, Written by: Raelle Tucker & Hilly Hicks Jr., Illustrated by: June Brigman

Much Episode #213 aka Playland, Directed by: Uta Briesewitz, Written by: Melissa Rosenburg, Illustrated by: Annie Wu

I really can’t think of a better way to release these titles while also celebrating female comic artists. This is yet another glass ceiling shattering move by the creative team behind Jessica Jones. It definitely has me pumped for Season 2.

Which cover is your favourite? Which episode are you most looking forward to?

Jessica Jones Season 2 Premiers March 8th (International Women’s Day, greatest release date ever) streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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