‘Faking It’ 2×02 Recap: Moment of Truths

It was a night of truth or dare – but mostly truth – on Faking It and a lot of secrets saw the light of day, including one of the biggest on the show. But it’s probably not the one you were thinking.

We open with a whole lot of awkwardness – things are still weird between Karma and Liam, who are each struggling with their own feelings and secrets. Oh, and, in case you were wondering, things between Amy and Liam? As awkward as ever! I don’t see that ever stopping because sleeping with your best friend or girlfriend’s boyfriend or best friend is just no bueno.

Cue the only thing that could make everything more awkward: Girls Night! Snickerdoodles, trashy magazines and a Twilight Hate Watch Party, what could possibly go wrong? In a word: everything.

The first of which includes Lauren taking part in Girls Night after Amy barricaded herself in the bathroom when Karma started stripping in front of her and she just had to get the f&ck outta there, and she had to make an excuse for why she wouldn’t leave the bathroom. Quick on her feet that Amy is.

As the girls watch Twilight, Lauren (and us) begin to realize the incredible similarity between the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle and Karma-Liam-Amy. It’s actually quite amusing and scary. When Lauren excuses herself to get her fuzzy socks (I feel you girl, I need them too), Karma asks Amy why she invited Lauren. Is it because she feels sorry for her? In a word, yes. Unfortunately for them, Lauren overhears and sets a wild sabotage in motion.

Meanwhile on Guys Night, Liam meets a new, very attractive guy named Theo so the platonic twosome between Liam and Shane becomes a totally platonic threesome and causes some jealously and feelings between Liam and Shane by night’s end. Liam is pissed that Shane choose Amy over him even though Shane swears that isn’t the case. But when you escape a bar fight with some tough looking biker dudes with broken beer bottles I’d call your night a success. Thank God for Shane’s knowing Tae Kwon Do.

Over at Girls Night (which has expanded to include Lauren’s two besties), the evening has evolved from a night of Twilight hating to Truth or Dare. The Dares are extreme, but the Truths are dangerous. Secrets are suddenly in jeopardy, including the Big 2 of Amy’s drunken one-night stand with Liam and Lauren’s intersex secret. Both secrets (and that hovering cloud of awkwardness about Amy’s feelings for Karma) push the girls to “daring” extremes. Lauren drinks a nasty concoction that I don’t even want to know what it was and almost shaves her head and Karma and Amy almost kiss – with tongue for a full minute. Just when you think they’re going to do it, Karma backs out clearly unsure of how to deal with everything regarding Amy’s feelings for her.

The next morning, Amy and Lauren share a sisterly chat as Lauren guesses her secret about sleeping with Liam and promises not to tell Karma. It’s the “sister code.” Amy apologizes for almost telling Lauren’s friends her intersex secret but then tells her it’s good to open up to people, which is exactly what Lauren does when her friends come downstairs. And because they’re really her friends, they accept it. And I’ve never loved Lauren more than I did in this moment. The whole moment brought me to tears and damn this show for making me feel feelings.

Amy and Karma also talk about the awkward cloud hovering over them. Karma’s actually flattered and she wishes she felt the same. Why don’t you just rip my heart out of my chest, Karma?! They also set boundaries as they’ll attempt to get back to where they were before all of us. Sleeping in the same bed? That’s a yes. Back rubs? Uh, that’s for the advanced class. Not just yet.

The moral of this recap? A game of Truth or Dare is never good. You’re only setting yourself up for failure. Or good television. Bravo, MTV.


  • “If it smells like weed it’s because it’s been within 10 feet of my parents.” –Karma living the life of a daughter of hippies.
  • “I know you’re lying. I’ve been celibate for six days and my senses are heightened.” –Shane understanding his newfound superpowers.
  • “It was so much easier when we could hate her.” –Karma about Lauren
  • “Why do vampires sparkle in the sun? What evolutionary purpose does that serve?” –Amy asking the question we’ve all thought at one point.
  • “I shouldn’t be watching this. My parents would call this sorcery.” Lauren’s bestie representing the people probably also responsible for those book bans you hear about.
  • “I never should’ve gotten his name tattooed on my back.” –Random drunk girl reflecting on poor life decisions.
  • “When you grow up gay in Texas you sign up for Tae Kwon Do early.” –Shane teaching us something new every day.


Episode 2×03 “Lust in Translation”

Airing: Tuesday, Oct. 7, 10:30/9:30c on MTV


Faking It airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.

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