‘Faking It’ 2×11 Recap: Time to Bare It All?

Last night’s episode of Faking It proved to have more liars in it than an episode of Pretty Little Liars, although the liars are just as good-looking. Of course, plenty of secrets came out last season, but for some reason there’s just as many—if not more, this time around. And we’re about to dive deep into all of those secrets from episode 2×11 “Stripped.”

Liam is not about this friends-with-benefits thing, even though he says he is. We opened up on Liam and Karma hooking up in his car, where Liam accidentally blurts out that he loves Karma. LOL WHOOPS! He immediately backtracks as Karma reminds him that they are just buddies. Buddies who hook up occasionally.

Karma obviously isn’t over Liam and Amy sleeping together, no matter how many times she said I’m over it during the car ride to school. (Oh Amy, next time just take the bus) She swore up, down and side ways that she completely forgave the two—even making an offhanded joke that she needed to keep an eye on them, just to show that she was okay with everything. According to her, she’s matured—even getting rid her BFF necklace. But even I could feel the tension from my couch.

Back at Hester High, Shane and Duke arrive on campus, holding hands and being all cute. Except for the fact that Duke doesn’t know that Shane was the one who outed him. And it’s clear Duke isn’t too pleased with whoever outed him—saying he was going to hurt the person. Shane immediately shuts him down, not wanting to know what Duke had in store for him once Shane admitted that he outed him. Duke notices that Shane is hiding it, but figures it’s just the fact that Shane lost to Lauren for student council president. Thankfully, Shane doesn’t have to come up with too many more lies because the couple gets to the front of the school only to see that it’s been decked out with security, including dogs and metal detectors. It seems that there’s a new head honcho in town.

Lauren is still upset about how her relationship with Theo ended, and we see that throughout the episode. Ultimately Lauren uses her vulnerability to get the students to side with her. But we’ll get to that. First we need to talk about how great it was to see Shane and Lauren on screen again.  Shane “accidentally” sat at Lauren’s reserved table, which caused an outright argument. These two feed off of each other and ultimately make for great comedy. (“Bitter really suits you!”)

Liam and Amy try to talk about how weird Karma was acting in the car ride to school, but were cut off when Penelope called the entire student body to the quad for an assembly. There, the students were informed that there was going to be a new principal to get the high school back to what a normal high school should be. Basically everyone was pretty pissed off and how do students at Hester show they’re angry? Protesting of course!

Before any of that happened, we’re shown that Liam has started his internship at Skwerkel. Another secret he’s kept from basically everyone. He seems very popular at the company. (Probably because his “dad” is the CEO, but still.) There he meets the bluntest character on the show, Zita. She basically tells Liam her entire life story and the two end up being office buddies. Throughout the course of the episode, Zita learns all about the whole Karma/Amy/Liam thing that’s been going on. She starts to give Liam some actual truth advice, telling him there’s pretty much no hope with being together with Karma. (A first on this show?) But for some reason, I have a feeling she has an ulterior motive.

That night, Amy showed up in Karma’s room, just in time to see that Karma was cleaning out her room and getting rid of all of her thing. (“But you love things!”) Karma made up some lie about spring cleaning, right before Felix entered.  Karma quickly plays him off as her new G.B.F. and Felix goes along with it, even though it’s clear he has no idea what’s going on. Before Amy can ask too many questions, Karma is shoving her out the door, closing it on her face. Not cool, Karma.

The next day at Hester, it’s clear that Lauren has gotten the new principal on her side. This is basically her dream come true; a regular high school, something she’s been trying to achieve since day one. An ad circulates around the school, where Lauren tells everyone that they’re able to receive parking spots, locker doors, and regular backpacks if they agree to the new rules. That way they’re “Verified” and all the perks come rolling in. Of course, all of Hester is over the security and open lockers and walking so they line up to sign up, which pisses Shane off.

So he organizes a protest, like a true Hester High student. But this time it’s gonna be much better because it’s going to involve nudity. Oh, Shane.

At the protest, Theo (GASP) shows up undercover—which he’s good at, duh, to try and talk to Lauren. But Lauren isn’t having any of it. She dismisses him and stomps up to interrupt Shane and his chanting. She grabs the megaphone and starts going on about betrayal and embarrassment, looking at Theo as she passionately made her speech.

Of course, Shane hates losing to Lauren, so he promptly stripped down, baring it all. In front of the entire school. Where everyone else stays clothed. (What the f*ck?”—Shane, expressing my thoughts exactly.)

Amy’s a little wary of Felix being gay and promptly drags him to the storage room to try and seduce him. And as luck would have it, Karma walks in at the exactly wrong time. An argument breaks out between the girls and Karma tries to keep up the G.B.F. thing but Felix isn’t having it and shuts down the rumor.

This prompts Karma to tell Amy why Felix is really living at her house; her family is broke. Amy immediately understands and just wants to be there for her BFF, even though Karma thinks the BFF necklace is lame. Karma admits that she doesn’t and just lost it while they were moving everything. Amy then goes and takes off her necklace, saying that the two of them can just share hers. (I low-key want a friendship necklace now)

Later that night, Liam shows up to Karma’s old room, pouring out his heart and taking about hope until he’s cut off by Felix opening up the blinds. Felix quickly shuts Liam down, deflating Liam and making that speech totally worthless. (Not to me, Liam, not to me.)

Even though Felix seemed all gung-ho about being truthful, it seems he has a secret of his own: his dad is the principal. (Wide eyed emoji is here.)

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