‘Faking It’ Returns With A New Season Starting Tonight!

Tonight marks the arrival of the new MTV Monday nights, which means an all new Faking It. Last season was full of drama, romance, and comedy so I’m sure this new season won’t lack in any of those categories.

Below is a super-tease for this entire season. It’s full of everything in the above paragraph, plus bull-riding? This is what we got from this super-tease: Karma is ready to try and move past everything that happened last season. Shane doesn’t know if he’s ready to just be with Duke. Lauren went major Stiles Stilinski with finding out Theo’s true identity (I’m sensing a theme here, MTV)  and ends up forgiving him. But it seems like Karma and Amy are going to have another go at fake dating, which as the past seasons have shown–doesn’t end well. Maybe it’ll all work out though!

Check out the super-tease below and then read what we know about tonight’s episode:

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Here’s what we know about tonight’s episode titled “Stripped Down.”

Karma and Amy aren’t totally BFFs again. They’re still slowly rebuilding their friendship from when Amy admitted she hooked up with Liam.  Karma spent the majority of season two struggling to forgive Amy. Not to mention the fact that Karma is still not over the dream-kiss she shared with Amy during the mid-season finale. Basically there’s going to be secrets on top of secrets this season.

In the sneak peek from tonight’s episode (posted below), we see that Karma is dividing clothes into two boxes—keep or discard.  Amy comes into Karma’s room trying to act like nothing is different between them, when obviously it is. This sneak peek also gives you a chance to meet the character of Felix, someone who Karma introduces to Amy as her new “gay best friend,” and is going to be working with her on her wardrobe. You can immediately tell that Karma is just making it up on the spot and of course, Amy will probably figure out the lie. It doesn’t seem like Felix is actually gay, (especially since we’ve seen promos of him being with Amy.) but still, secrets seem like a common theme in this season.

Something else we have to look forward to in tonight’s episode is Shane deciding to revolt against the new principal. It seems like Hester High’s old principal wasn’t doing a great job with test scores—among other things, which who didn’t see coming? (I mean, really, what high school has a Hunger Games type of day and no classes?) Plus, the picture above shows that Shane even gets Lauren–and is that Amy?, involved. Cheerleader uniforms and all. Maybe this means Shane and Lauren team up to take down the new principal? School’s back in session and it wouldn’t be Hester High without love and drama and maybe a few fresh faces! 

Make sure you tune in tonight at 10/9c. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below!

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