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Our ‘After’ Film Soundtrack

With the film production of the International bestselling series After beginning in Atlanta, fans have taken to the thrill of participating in every way they can. Fan art, edits and more have dominated the social…

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After Casting News…Meet Ken Scott

It is officially the second week of filming on the After movie, announcements regarding the cast keep rolling in from the set. There are rumors and speculation, with many fans anxious to see who will…

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‘After’ Movie Fans…Meet Zed

Keeping with the theme of excitement and surprises during the first week of filming for the upcoming movie production of After, the producers have set a precedent of giving fans new cast members each day…


More ‘After’ Movie Casting News

And on the fifth day, they gave us Tristan. It’s only the first week of filming for the soon-to-be hit film After, and fans have been clambering to find out who will be playing their…

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‘After’ Movie: Meet Tessa Young

It is only the second day since filming of the highly anticipated After movie began, and we have already been treated to thrills and treats beyond our wildest dreams. After years of waiting (im)patiently for…