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Awkward Recap: Friendship Issues, Hashtags, and Deleted Databases

Awkward Recap: Friendship Issues, Hashtags, and Deleted Databases

So Awkward was on last night, and the dude database is all a buzz. Here’s what went on. Jenna and Tamara bonding. Tamara has been calling Jenna, but she’s not answering. What could be the sitch with that one? Well you know it’s cause Jenna’s phone won’t stop going off. Dude Database Tamara admits that


‘Awkward’ Renewed for a Final Season 5

Apparently traveling and just letting things rack up on the DVR makes me question what I have missed as the previews for new shows come out. What the hell did Matty do to Jenna, cause I am not oaky with them being upset at each other. They are my forever couple. TV Line is reporting


TV RECAP: Awkward Season 4, Episode 13

Last night on Awkward, we revisited the inevitable, “Will They, Won’t They” with Matty and Jenna. Now I don’t know about you all, but sometimes their storyline makes me happy that I am no longer in high school and … never mind. You still have the will they and won’t they as you get older.