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“Black Widow” Gets #YAMarvel Treatment from @mstohl #NYCC

“Black Widow” Gets #YAMarvel Treatment from @mstohl #NYCC

Thank you New York Comic Con for giving up the details! Seriously, the speculation on what Margaret Stohl would be writing for Marvel was killing me. And she is writing one freaking amazing character. Let’s give it up for the Russian badass Black Widow who will be Stohl’s muse for the next year or so


2 for 1 Friday Review: The Legion Series by @kamigarcia

Sometimes it’s hard to conceal the fangirl inside even after all these years. While age does not define me, the fact that I have seen and met a lot of my favorite authors over my lifetime already should probably help me out when it comes to making a fool of myself over new releases. However,

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See An Exclusive Clip from ‘You’re Not You’ with @HilarySwank & @emmyrossum

You’re Not You hits theaters October 10th and it’s a movie that you don’t want to miss. The movie stars Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, Josh Duhamel, Marcia Gay Harden, Jason Ritter, Ali Larter and Loretta Devine. As if the cast isn’t impressive enough – the synopsis tugs at our heart strings. Academy Award® winner Hilary Swank


Cover Reveal: “Dangerous Deception” by @kamigarcia & @mstohl

O-M-G… yeah… I have reverted to Valley Girl levels of slang to express my delight over this cover. Gooooooorrrrrrrrrggggggggggeous! Look at the beauty of that blue and broken bits of shades? The cool factor — it has it, yes? And then get a load of this snippet and summary: Love is ten kinds a crazy,