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Anna Kendrick Featured in @KateSpade Christmas Ad

Anna Kendrick Featured in @KateSpade Christmas Ad

Anna Kendrick is an old favorite of ours. The actress, who we have loved since Twilight, is the face of Kate Spade’s Christmas Ad. The thing about Anna is she radiates quirkiness and fun. And it’s part of what we love about her. Her twitter feed is on point, and every interview that she does

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Kendall Jenner is the Newest Face of Estee Lauder

I would like to hate on the Kardashian clan, but the thing is – I don’t. I think Kendall Jenner works harder than any of her sisters (this is just judging by watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and reading papers), and she is focused. So I am actually really excited for her new gig,

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I Draw The Line At Buying a Bands Perfume: ‘One Direction’ New Fragrance “You & I”

Dude there is such a thing as being over merchandized. I am beginning to think that One Direction is on that road. I am all for seeing your favorite band in concert, wearing their shirts, hell – even having a pen or something. But then there is a line that you don’t need to cross.