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Hey #CloneClub @HotTopic Has Orphan Black Cosplay Outfits

Orphan Black comes back soon! Less than a month away and Sarah Manning will be miring through crap science and male clones to protect her family. A band of lookalikes who finally through trial and tribulation connected on a real human level. I am so stoked! And freaked out because have you seen this sneak peek?! Presale of the Hot Topic clothing line is live today! The Orphan Black clothing line doesn't actually arrive in stores until April 13th though. That ...

Get The Intelligent Erudite (‘Divergent’ Series) Look – Looks on Books

For your viewing pleasure (and due to request), I recently filmed a new looks on books, featuring a cool toned Erudite inspired look! This specific feature of looks are inspired by everyday, casual looks. But be warned, the crazy looks are coming soon...  Stay tuned for more looks on books, and leave your requests in the comments below!

Get The Candor (‘Divergent’ Series) Look – Looks on Books

In celebration of the second installment of the Divergent series, Insurgent, being released in cinemas (March 20), we created a looks on books featuring the Candor faction, inspired by Casey from The Bitter Productions. Check it out below!

Get the Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard Makeup Look.

Hey guys. Today we wanted to share with you an awesome dramatic/theatrical makeup look, myself (Casey) created inspired by The Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard enjoy!

Learn More About the Fashion of ‘Reign’

The fashion of Reign is amazing. It's simply stunning and takes your breathe away. We have always looked forward to reading about the fashion weekly on Reign's tumblr. Get an exclusive look into Mary's closet with costume designer Meredith Pollack. Reign returns tonight.