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Sneak Peek of “The Alex Crow” by Andrew Smith aka @marburyjack + Giveaway

Sneak Peek of “The Alex Crow” by Andrew Smith aka @marburyjack + Giveaway

Grasshopper Jungle and 100 Sideways Miles, the latest published additions to Andrew Smith‘s growing bibliography put “turning adult” under the microscope creating an absurdist angle to the whole ordeal. And yeah, who doesn’t have that life altering moment where the realization sinks in and childhood no longer is a viable option but adulthood seems like a


2 for 1 Friday Review: @cassieclare and @hollyblack

Hi. Hello. Had you thought I had forgotten all of you? Abandoned you to the lone review unable to get your fix of two books reviewed in one?! Have no fear, I am here and about to tackle the queen of reviews here because instead of two books by one author, I am going to


NEW Prequel for ‘The Maze Runner’ Planned

MTV announced yesterday, those lucky gladers!, that James Dashner has always wanted to write a second prequel to The Maze Runner. Most fans are aware of the already published prequel The Kill Order, but this new prequel will focus on the young adults and what’s hinted at in Thomas and Theresa’s flashbacks. An origins of the