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OMG! The “Age of Ultron” Trailer is FREAKY!

OMG! The “Age of Ultron” Trailer is FREAKY!

So yeah… it was leaked. Everyone knew. Some of us saw. Then Hydra was blamed for the intelligence and hack. However, O-M-G… looks like they’re humoring us folks, because the trailer is here and out and legally exposed for watching! See the movie, May 1, 2015.


OFFICIAL: ‘Deadpool’ Movie Scheduled

Okay, in a bizzarre event where the internet’s wishes becomes a Hollywood command, the Deadpool feature film gets scheduled into Fox’s line-up at February 12, 2016 and Fantastic Four Reboot gets moved to August 7th, 2015 from its before rumored June 19th. Have you seen the test footage that Ryan Reynolds’ credits with getting the studio


Sony planning female-centric ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff film

We’re on board with anything that brings us more female superhero films. Because we need them. And there is a demand, contrary to what some people might say. Sony, who is raking in the big bucks with its Amazing Spider-Man franchise, is looking to continue the Spidey brand name and planning a female-centric Spider-Man spinoff, reports Deadline. Not only