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The Sexiest Man Alive Has Been Named (He’s A “God”)

The Sexiest Man Alive Has Been Named (He’s A “God”)

Okay, Jimmy Kimmel announced the sexiest man alive and it’s finally one that I can get on board with. It’s a Hemsworth brother – and no guys it’s not this one. Though Liam is hot, the honor goes to Chris Hemsworth. The married father is the object of many women’s affections – including ours. We


Jai Courtney May Join “Suicide Squad” as Deadshot

Rumors are flying around the casting for the film that centers around a bunch of villains given a chance to be on the good side for once. Of course, they’re mission is most likely gonna be the death of them. And with the line-up that’s coming together it’s hard to imagine anything but an amazing action-fuelled


Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man Could Reach Double Digits #TantalizingTuesday

So Robert Downey Jr just keeps playing Iron Man. Iconic sure, but he definitely brought a swagger tempered by a genuine care for humanity that not only sugarcoats his ego but makes him seem strangely approachable. His performance a rare fusion of lovable oaf, playboy and self-sacrificing superhero. However, he might be playing the bad guy


BREAKING: Benedict Cumberbatch Eyed for “Doctor Strange”

For months now, comic book fans thought for sure that the Doctor Strange role would go to Joaquin Phoenix and yet, Benedict Cumberbatch had always been a contender according to many sources. However, a hectic schedule always seemed to be the reason why he wasn’t truly throwing his hat in the ring… that and rumors floating around