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#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 48, 49, 50, 51

#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 48, 49, 50, 51

It’s no secret that Lauren Oliver’s eyebrow game is exquisitely strong, but in the latest #AskLaurenOliver she wants to make sure Little Olives know that their game is just as beautiful, too. The importance of coffee in Lauren’s reward system for her writing and editing process is also covered, including a choice for death in

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#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 45, 46, 47

In the theme of her upcoming adult novel, Rooms, Lauren has beckoned spirits to answer readers’ questions for the latest episode of #AskLaurenOliver. Setting up her tarot cards and candles, Lauren is letting you know whether there is a possibility of a fourth Delirium book and whose getting asked to homecoming. If you’ve ever wondered


#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 42, 43, 44

FAQs on the Delirium pilot, how to develop your writing style, and the #ghostlygoodreads challenge are all discussed by Lauren in the latest #AskLaurenOliver. Don’t forget to catch up with Lauren as the wait for her upcoming novel, Rooms, is almost over! Photograph of Lauren (c) Jonathan Alpeyrie, 2011.


Lauren Oliver Has a New Book Coming Out

Lauren Oliver has a new book coming out. Have you heard about it? It sounds pretty interesting. It’s called Vanishing Girls. The cover is absolutely stunning. Here’s what the book is about – When nine-year-old Madeline Snow goes missing from a parking lot in a sleepy Massachusetts town, the whole community follows the seemingly dead-end