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It’s Time for The ‘Maleficent’ DVD Already? Who Knew…

It’s Time for The ‘Maleficent’ DVD Already? Who Knew…

It’s already time for Maleficent to be out on DVD? Where does time go? Seriously! Here’s a look behind the scenes with Elle Fanning and her talking about her becoming Aurora. I think it’s absolutely adorable. The DVD comes out November 4th. Glamour debuted the clip.


‘Frozen’ Comes Back Soon in Animated Short

Disney used last night’s special on the making of Frozen to let fans know about an animated short featuring the cast of Frozen. The squeals of little girls and grown-ups could be heard around televisions everywhere. Given the excitement of seeing those characters show up on Once Upon a Time this upcoming season, I think


ICYMI: ‘Maleficent’ DVD Release Date + Extras

For such an anticipated film, Maleficent sure did create a gap between critics and film-goers. On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics gave it a 48% rating while audiences were mostly satisfied with it giving it a 74% rating and interestingly enough it’s rating on IMDb is 7.4/10… coincidence? I think not given that it’s the fourth