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#Insurgent to be released in 3D!

Having trouble keeping track of all the stuff going on in Fandoms? We’re tossing some more good stuff in the mix! Insurgent news. This morning a press release was distributed with the latest – Insurgent is going to be released in 3D! & We’ll be updating with posters as they come out! THE DIVERGENT SERIES:


‘Divergent’ News: Ansel Elgort is Shirtless, Veronica Roth is Blonde and more…

Insurgent. We can’t wait for the movie – especially as the official twitter has been doing some teasing lately. The tag line “The Truth is Coming.” We can’t wait for that. ATTENTION: New website launches soon. Please follow. #TruthIsComing http://t.co/JTqoy3xKgz — Insurgent (@Divergent) October 14, 2014 But what else has been going on in the