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New ‘Insurgent’ Silhouette Posters!

Insurgent promo is underway and the goodies just keep coming! 9 Insurgent character silhouette posters were released today and they are awesome! Not only do the posters spell out Insurgent but they also have the names of cities where advanced screenings will be taking place on March 16th. Check out the posters below and check the link posted by Fandango here to see if a city near you will be hosting an advanced screening! Insurgent is only 16 days away and we can't wait! ...

Listen: M83 featuring Haim from #Insurgent Soundtrack

It's not too much longer now until Insurgent hits the theater and we're pretty damn thrilled. Yes, we have our reservations - who doesn't? But we're holding out hope for all the goodness and can't wait to see the movie. That being said - the first song released from the soundtrack - M83 featuring Haim - has us all sorts of excited for the film. Are you excited for Insurgent? What do you think of the song?

Experience the World of Insurgent Through Virtual Reality

Do you dream of experiencing the world of the Divergent series first-hand? If re-reading the books and watching Divergent over and over again on DVD don't do enough for you, then maybe this will. Samsung has partnered up with Lionsgate to bring a new form of multi-media for fans to experience. They're calling it Insurgent: Shatter Reality. Nestled in the back of an enormous truck decorated to the nines in Insurgent decals sits four chairs that look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Very ...

Veronica Roth Signs A New Two Book Deal

We've been fans of Veronica Roth's since we received the very first Divergent arc. We can remember reading it and filling with excitement over Tris and Four and everything in between. We've been like you and long wondering what Veronica Roth will do next. She's been kind of mum on the matter, but today we all got more information about what she's up to. She's writing a new series and it has nothing to do with the Divergent universe. It's more in the vein of Star Wars. HarperC...

New ‘Insurgent’ Featurette!

And the Insurgent goodies just keep coming! Regal Cinemas just released an exclusive featurette of Insurgent and it is pretty badass! We get a look at a couple new scenes, cast interviews and some new behind the scenes footage. Check it out below!