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Ansel Elgort Likes Girls A Lot. We Like Him A Lot.

Ansel Elgort Likes Girls A Lot. We Like Him A Lot.

So Ansel Elgort had some news. Is he in a movie? Who knows. Is he putting out a new record? Got me. I get that people are always questioning people’s sexuality, but to be honest, I really don’t care what a person’s sexuality is. It’s their business, their lives. But Ansel Elgort made sure that


Trailer for Kate Winslet and Stanley Tucci’s “A LITTLE CHAOS”

We love Kate Winslet, and are excited to see her in anything. She’s absolutely stunning and an amazing actress. We also love Stanley Tucci. So this, is a movie made in heaven for us. Here’s the synopsis for the new film – Academy Award winner Kate Winslet stars as a strong-willed and talented landscape designer,


Welcome to the Dirty 30 – Theo James!

We won’t hold against Theo James that he wasn’t born in 1986 (he was born in 1984) , as most hot British lads were. That’s because Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis can do no wrong with his hotness. And today, Theodore turns 30 years old! We’re celebrating with 30 of our favorite Theo James gifs, as