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Shailene Woodley Talks Why Tris Is So Important

Insurgent is the number one movie in the world and we're not surprised. The world knows good movies. Read our review here. Shailene Woodley has been doing press and as usual she's not disappointing. The Insurgent star is covering Nylon and looking GOREGOUS. On her career path: “Two years ago it was very easy for me to understand and also emotionally tell the story of a 16-year-old, and now, I feel like I could not tell that story as truthfully because I just can’t empathize with it. ...

The @Divergent Series: #Insurgent Movie Review

I recently read Insurgent to gear up for this film, but also to see what all the hype is about. It’s the second book-to-movie in the Divergent trilogy and it picks up what feels like a day or two after where Divergent leaves off. We see Jeanine spouting lies about the Divergents in order to unlock the box to see what message from the founders of the faction lies within. Tris and Four are on the run with Caleb and Peter in order to see if the other factions will join them in their crusade ...

Wait, Amy Schumer Wants @AnselElgort to Say What?

We can name plenty of things that Ansel Elgort deserves an award for. Cleaning up in a suit, most energy in Instagram videos, guy who makes you swoon and cry. Lets face it - he's blown us away with his roles in Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars. In the latest MTV Movie Awards promo, the actor tries to get Amy Schumer to get him a movie award. But what she wants him to say... me thinks he'll be passing.

Get The Intelligent Erudite (‘Divergent’ Series) Look – Looks on Books

For your viewing pleasure (and due to request), I recently filmed a new looks on books, featuring a cool toned Erudite inspired look! This specific feature of looks are inspired by everyday, casual looks. But be warned, the crazy looks are coming soon...  Stay tuned for more looks on books, and leave your requests in the comments below!

Behind the Scenes of Ansel Elgort’s Teen Vogue Shoot

Over and over again - Ansel Elgort proves that he is one hell of a guy. The Divergent Series star has been in a full media swing and one stop that we have loved is him in Teen Vogue. The thing about Ansel is that he's young and gorgeous and a great actor. In between takes her spent time with a young girl with cancer. Ansel - you are an all around great guy!