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EXCLUSIVE: @Marie_Lu Knows #VideoGames #YoungElites

EXCLUSIVE: @Marie_Lu Knows #VideoGames #YoungElites

Recently, the pleasure was all mine when Marie Lu agreed to being interviewed by a bunch of blogging sites, Fangirlish included. Such a sweetheart, who still showed up despite having a sick dog that night and after having such a rough day taking care of the little pup. However, Fangirlish was fortunate enough to have


Discussing Villains with @Marie_Lu in #TheYoungElites Interview

While the dystopian genre resurges with a bevy of authors from all over the age range spectrum, a few elite were picked by the world as stand-out. Marie Lu’s trilogy – Legend, Prodigy and Champion – survived the hype and definitely became known as some of the best new YA Lit out there for readers