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Exclusive Interview in Which We Talk #TrulyMadlyFamously with @RebeccaASerle

Exclusive Interview in Which We Talk #TrulyMadlyFamously with @RebeccaASerle

We failed. You know we’re obsessed with Famous in Love, and the sequels title was announced – and we missed it. We have failed our job as fan girls and we’re sorry. But luckily, Rebecca Serle is amazing, and  she granted us an interview to talk all about the Famous in Love world. Truly, Madly, Famously is


EXCLUSIVE: @NeonHitch Keeps It Real for Fans #WeRNeon

When Neon Hitch went on the road this year, she didn’t just perform, but offered fans the chance to support some very good causes while unburdening themselves of items they were no longer attached to. Always the optimist, finding the positive despite the odds or circumstances, Neon’s first single off her debut album, Eleutheromaniac, “Yard Sale”