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Anna Kendrick Featured in @KateSpade Christmas Ad

Anna Kendrick Featured in @KateSpade Christmas Ad

Anna Kendrick is an old favorite of ours. The actress, who we have loved since Twilight, is the face of Kate Spade’s Christmas Ad. The thing about Anna is she radiates quirkiness and fun. And it’s part of what we love about her. Her twitter feed is on point, and every interview that she does

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‘Teen Wolf’ Fashion: It’s Not Just a Hobby; It’s a Lifestyle

Oh, how a simple Google search can change your life. It started out innocently enough–I was looking to update my wardrobe and thought, “Hey, the ladies of Teen Wolf always look cute. I wonder if anyone online has links to their outfits?” Cue my introduction to the world of Teen Wolf fashion. As it turns out, there are several


Colin Firth UK GQ’s Leading Man of the Year

Oh yeah, there’s really nothing at all wrong with this list. Everyone’s quite lovely on it and totally fit their awards. Seriously though… a nice spread GQ has put together here. If you’d like to see everyone who was given an award, CLICK HERE. From Colin Firth to Benedict Cumberbatch to Douglas Booth to Peter