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Jamie Dornan Visited a Sex Dungeon – Seriously.

Jamie Dornan Visited a Sex Dungeon – Seriously.

Oh Jamie Dornan – we love thee. So we’re excited that Fifty Shades promotion is heating up, because that means that we’ll be getting to see more of his sexy self. A lot more. Did you know that Jamie visited a sex dungeon and watched a dom and a submissive getting their sexual healing on


Life Lessons From Trailers: @FiftyShades Trailer #2 Edition (#OfficialFifty)

You can learn lessons from anywhere. You may not realize it but you totally can. And this week, we’re taking on the lessons that you would learn from the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. And no you perverts, they are not all S&M lessons. Though, I am sure we could do that too. But

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It’s An #OfficialFifty Contest! Win A Teaser Poster from @FiftyShades

We’re in the gift giving mood guys. It’s a gift we wish that we wish we could win, but unfortunately, we can’t. As part of Official Fifty, we’ve been given FIVE of  the  “Teaser” posters adorned with exclusive Fifty Shades of Grey satin ribbon. I mean I would be okay with the poster on my wall,


Colin Morgan is #TantalizingTuesday at “Testament of Youth” Premiere

How is this man getting more and more beautiful with each role he takes?! From Merlin to movie star, no one can deny Colin Morgan’s appeal or his potential as a movie star. This year alone, he starred with the likes of Tom Hardy, Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, William Hurt and Kit Harington — all