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Emma Watson Is Going to Change the World

Emma Watson Is Going to Change the World

She’s the face that can change the way we all think. And I say that because we all know who she is and the ‘He for She’ movement has taken over the world. Emma Watson is using her fame to make a difference and that can be respected. She’s making such a difference that ELLE


Harry Potter Uses the Force? Goonies and Gandalf Enchant Fans!

Today your fannish mental mind-blown moment is brought to you courtesy of a threat of three monster fandoms with bonus Goonies. Any post that features the magical big three: Harry Potter, Star Wars and LoTR/Hobbit is going to be wonderful and wow-ing. Right?! Just what even is Daniel Radcliffe (boy wizard) doing on the set


‘Fantastic Beasts’ Gateway to Expanding ‘Harry Potter’ Universe

Congratulations to David Yates who was announced as the director of the first film in a supposed trilogy of new films from the Harry Potter universe. So far the first film is tentatively titled Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. This film is the one Yates is scheduled to direct. However, during this announcement this


‘Masters of Sex’ Star in Talks for ‘Now You See Me 2′

Dave Franco. Woody Harrelson. Isla Fisher. Jesse Eisenberg. Mark Ruffalo. I say those names and what comes to mind? For me, it’s a little slice of perfection in a movie that you may of heard of – “Now You See Me.” You really wouldn’t need any names beyond that. Well, they are set to film