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Book Trailer for @Marie_Lu #TheYoungElites

Book Trailer for @Marie_Lu #TheYoungElites

You have no idea how goooooooood The Young Elites is until you read it. So yeah… you should get on those pre-orders because seriously… missing out on one of the best new YA series out there right now. And that’s saying a lot given ALL THE AWESOME coming out right now. And if I have not


EXCLUSIVE: @Marie_Lu Knows #VideoGames #YoungElites

Recently, the pleasure was all mine when Marie Lu agreed to being interviewed by a bunch of blogging sites, Fangirlish included. Such a sweetheart, who still showed up despite having a sick dog that night and after having such a rough day taking care of the little pup. However, Fangirlish was fortunate enough to have


Discussing Villains with @Marie_Lu in #TheYoungElites Interview

While the dystopian genre resurges with a bevy of authors from all over the age range spectrum, a few elite were picked by the world as stand-out. Marie Lu’s trilogy – Legend, Prodigy and Champion – survived the hype and definitely became known as some of the best new YA Lit out there for readers


AHH! Cover Reveal for LEGEND Author Marie Lu’s Next Phase of the Series! ‘THE YOUNG ELITES’

Marie Lu is taking the Legend series into a new phase, The Young Elites follows a survivor of the blood plague, Adelina Amouteru, with some distinguishing traits like a large scar and white hair. Rejected by her family, she joins the underground society of young elites. Some of the elites are out for good, while chose to