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Letters From Fangirlish: November’s Reflections

Letters From Fangirlish: November’s Reflections

Dear Readers, As the year starts to wind down, we have to stop and ask ourselves, Did we accomplish what we wanted to this year? Not going to lie, 2014 has been a struggle. One of personal growth and finding ourselves. As we constantly change, grow, and find the little pieces of us that we


Letters From Fangirlish: October, The Season of Change

Dear Fangirlish Readers, We’re always trying to reinvent ourselves – because our passions keep changing. But starting this month, I will be writing you a monthly letter to keep you apprised of what exactly is going on and as always will be welcoming your feedback. Lets get started on the idea of change. Fan Fiction.

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August 8th: Let’s Wrap Up Everything That You Could Have Missed This Week

We know that it’s been a long week and all you want to do is hang out, kick back, and hope someone else comes and does your laundry. In an effort to make catching up on your fandom news  from this week, we’re recapping what’s been going on, by Fandom. So scroll down, find your