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2017 First Round NHL Playoff Predictions

The time has arrived. The matchups are set, the schedule is set, now all that’s left is the inevitable upsets and tears. Below you’ll find my brief analysis and predictions for each of the first…

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Pre-NHL Playoffs Questions and Answers

I struggled a little to write this article. With the end of the season just days away, a winners/losers roundup didn’t really seem appropriate. Instead, here I’ll try and tackle a few questions/discussion topics that must…

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NHL Roundup: March 5 – 12, 2017

This week, most NHL teams hit the 67 game mark. This means that each team has roughly 15 games left to play before the playoffs start. Yes, it’s that unbelievably close.  This means that it’s…

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NHL Roundup: February 24 – March 4

Many things happened in the NHL over the past 10 days.  Some have been good, some have been bad and some have been questionable. With this roundup we talk trades, hot streaks and playoff hopes…

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NHL Roundup: February 15 – 22

It’s time to talk hockey again! While nothing too crazy happened in the NHL this week (unlike last week’s coaching change-ups), an important date is looming. March 1st is the NHL trade deadline day. This…

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NHL Roundup: February 6 – 14

Nothing goes together like Valentine’s Day and hockey right? And snowstorms. Where I live is currently in the midst of a 60cm storm (that’s about 2 feet to the Americans out there). So what a…