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Promo: One Direction and Amy Adams on Saturday Night Live

Promo: One Direction and Amy Adams on Saturday Night Live

I am not trying to be disrespectful – because I love Amy Adams. But she’s one lucky biotch. Seriously. The woman is hosting Saturday Night Life with One Direction as the special guest this week. We know tha tthey are trying to be hilarious with this promo, but what we’re truly laughing at is look

Picture not ours - taken from Twitter.

One Direction Performs at NRJ Awards Without Louis Tomlinson

It’s always sad when someone you know isn’t feeling well. When you aren’t famous, it seems to be a hell of a lot easier. Why? Because then the world isn’t speculating on why you aren’t there. We admit that when we heard that Louis Tomlinson wasn’t making his way with the rest of the boys

One Direction Performs on X-Factor & It’s Our Favorite Thing Ever!

The boys of One Direction have done some impressive things tonight. If you’re from the UK (or anywhere in the world with internet connection and a twitter account) you’ve probably seen that the boys have made a performance on the X-Factor final today. It is always a beautiful day when Harry decides to wear fashion