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‘The Walking Dead’ 5×07 Preview Guide: ‘Crossed’

‘The Walking Dead’ 5×07 Preview Guide: ‘Crossed’

The Walking Dead is all new tonight with its second from last episode of 2014, where the group finds themselves spread thin and Beth reunites with Carol at Grady Memorial. We’re getting you ready for tonight’s episode with sneak peeks and promotional photos. THE WALKING DEAD (5×07) – “CROSSED” Sunday, Nov. 23, 9pm, AMC SNEAK PEEKS PHOTO GALLERY


When a YA book comes to life! Night School the web series

Night School the webseries. A Brand new British Teen web series Launches on youtube Friday 12th of December. You heard it here guys, the official trailer for C.J. Daugherty’s Night School web series has hit the web – and it is something epic! The series is compiled of short films written by Daugherty, and filmed by Trailermade


Hey Tumblr: Here’s Your Chance to Ask Benedict Cumberbatch Anything

Movies and popcorn. Peanut butter and chocolate (or, you know, jelly). Benedict Cumberbatch and Tumblr. Some things just go together perfectly, even if we don’t always understand why. If you count yourself among the Cumberbunch, we interrupt your regularly scheduled Benedict gif reblogging for this exciting announcement: Cumberbatch himself will be answering your questions as