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Get the Famous In Love By Rebecca Serle MAKEUP LOOK! check it out!

Get the Famous In Love By Rebecca Serle MAKEUP LOOK! check it out!

So who’s read Famous In Love By Rebecca Serle? WE HAVE! its only our bloody favourite contemporary romance of the year! why you ask? Um…. The fact that the books plot is literally everyones YA lovers wet dream… (too much information?) seriously if you haven’t gotten this book yet I suggest you do. You are

‘Jane the Virgin’ (1×09): Mid Season Recap! – “Chapter 9″

While I’m writing this, my heart is having palpitations over the last few minutes of the mid-season finale. I have watched it three times in a row and it didn’t get easier to deal with. I am PISSED (no matter how much I loved this episode), because of how unexpected that last scene was. There


#AfterBookClub: #AfterWeCollided Chapters 21-40

We’re back with another round of AFTER WE COLLIDED book club. If you missed last weeks, you can read the study guide HERE. Here’s the breakdown of Chapters 21-40. Chapter 21- Tess Tessa and Trevor are out on a date They discuss each others families and lives. At the end of the date Trevor tries

PAN trailer Screenshot

Reactions To Trailers: ‘Pan’ Edition

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? We know that we do. And an original take on Peter Pan? Well, judging by this trailer, we’re going to love it. It’s so beautifully shot – something absolutely amazing. We’re excited to see a look at Peter Pan, before Peter was Peter Pan and Hook lost hist