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Ladies of #PitchPerfect2 Look “Hello Dolly!” Fab in EW Portraits

Ladies of #PitchPerfect2 Look “Hello Dolly!” Fab in EW Portraits

While Hello Dolly! certainly brings a Barbara Streisand state of mind to this musical business and will forever be a classic, Pitch Perfect blew up all notions of normal with their ragtag bunch of misfits who come together as an acu-awesome a cappella group. These gals ham it up for the camera while evoking the spirt


Oh My Stars! NEW Ansel Elgort & Shailene Woodley #Divergent Set Photos

No one told me that Veronica Roth purportedly punched Ansel Elgort in the face on the set of Divergent and yet… look at this photo. LOL! It doesn’t look like he minded, does it? Nooooo… Veronica, no. Not the face. His wee face is too adorably precious to punch! Or that Shailene Woodley looks too


PHOTOS: Benedict Cumberbatch in the ‘Imitation Game’

Benedict Cumberbatch knows how to play genius. Really, his fans know that, yeah? Taking on Sherlock was not the easiest of roles to commit to… or at least he admitted to some self-doubt when he finally landed the part. And again, Cumberbatch tackles a complexly-nuanced character in The Imitation Game that he does not want to


PHOTO: ‘Pitch Perfect’ No. 2 Cast Photo is all Treblemakers!

Oh that’s a lot of smiling going on for a group that’s probably in direct competition with the Barden Bellas. But yay, look at how happy everyone is being back. Elizabeth Banks most of all. She just exudes happiness at seeing her pet project come back to life. Pitch Perfect will make an entrance May 15,