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Pretty Little Liars: Twin Theory… or not?

Pretty Little Liars: Twin Theory… or not?

Fans of both the books and the tv show have, for a long time, been insistent that Alison has or had a twin out there somewhere and the show has been more than happy to feed those theories. The question is, are they really hinting that Alison has a twin? Or are they giving little


Things we have learned from the Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Trailer

It’s nearly a month until Pretty Little Liars returns to us, January 6th, to be exact. In the meantime, we are left with a trailer that looks like the show will continue it’s tradition of intense storylines. Will we get some answers, too? Here are some things we can tell from the winter premiere trailer.


Pretty Little Liars Recap – “How the A Stole Christmas”

It’s Christmas in Rosewood, but that doesn’t mean all is quiet! This episode gave the perfect mix of Christmas feels and the Rosewood brand of drama and mystery that we all love. The episode opens with the Liars out Christmas shopping. Spencer is out on bail, and she refuses to hope for a miracle. “Hope