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#Revenge Promo – Umm, What The Hell Is Going On Now!

So on Sunday nights Revenge, Emily Thorne finally told the world that she is Amanda Clarke. It's about time. Though when we have to admit we're totally confused by what the hell Emily has been exposed to, because umm... she's exposed herself to about everything. Let's face it Emily has been up to some major shiz... and like a ton of it hasn't been legal. So, why now is she worried? Damn you Revenge, just when I think I am out, you pull be back in.

‘Revenge’ Photo’s Give No Clue As To Who is Going To Die

We're loving this season of Revenge. Though we will say that it has thrown us for many a loop. Cause we were like there is no way... never mind, she is gonna tell David that she's Emily. Victoria is going to die... never mind that woman is like a ball and keeps bouncing back. You just never know what is going to happen. We're stoked for David and Emily to finally work together. Maybe David will finally realize he needs his little girl. We know that this week, someone is going to die, but ...

‘Revenge’ Photos: Emily Better Not Be Falling For Ben

We've gotten over the fact that Emily and Daniel won't be together - but we're okay with that. Why is that? Well that's because we've been holding out hope for Emily and Jack to be together. The photo's look like Emily may be falling for Ben's advances. We don't like that.

‘Revenge’ Promo: 4×07 ‘Ambush’

Now I know that Revenge isn't supposed to be something that we all do - but the show is so good, makes you think twice. So damn good! I get why David Clarke is so pissed, thinking that Nolan screwed over his daughter and didn't give her all the millions that she was owed. But if this show has taught us anything it's that we always need to tell the truth. Cause guys, Emily is always in trouble cause she lies. We don't need to lie Emily. I can't wait for David to meet Emily. I am ...

Revenge 4×05 Promo “Repercussions”

I can't wait for Sunday to see what happens on Revenge. Here's hoping that Emily kicks the crap out of Victoria. I can't wait for her father to find out just exactly who Victoria is and what she has done to Emily. I think he'll take his daughters side over the wicked witch. Don't you?