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MTV Explains Nerdgastic First Look at #StarWars Millennium Falcon

MTV Explains Nerdgastic First Look at #StarWars Millennium Falcon

There’s a war going on of whom can be the geekiest of all and I am losing. Seriously… so losing this battle. However, it is still fun to see the dorks, nerds, geeks and all rise to the occasion and get their geek on so hard when some of them are the highest paid people in

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‘Star Wars’ to Start Filming Again This Month

Remember when Star Wars: Episode VII went on hiatus? You know, you remember – when Harrison Ford broke his leg? Well turns out that the movie will be going back to filming this month according to The Hollywood Reporter. Harrison Ford had surgery and has been doing better. He was even on the carpet for


Hey Jedi’s! JJ Abrams Revealed a Sneak Peak at a ‘Star wars Episode VII’ X-Wing!

JEDI’s! JJ Abrams has been very very good about revealing little goodies during the top-secret filming of the most important upcoming movie of all time, Star Wars Episode VII! now we have maybe the greatest goodie yet, JJ Abrams revealed a real life X-Wing!!!! GAH! An X-Wing! Life-size, and working and all! JJ Abrams is seen