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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ gets a title

On its last day of filming, Star Wars: Episode VII has finally gotten a title. Are you ready for it… THE FORCE AWAKENS The film will pick up three decades after Return of the Jedi and feature the returns of the original trilogy’s stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and Anthony Daniels


Harry Potter Uses the Force? Goonies and Gandalf Enchant Fans!

Today your fannish mental mind-blown moment is brought to you courtesy of a threat of three monster fandoms with bonus Goonies. Any post that features the magical big three: Harry Potter, Star Wars and LoTR/Hobbit is going to be wonderful and wow-ing. Right?! Just what even is Daniel Radcliffe (boy wizard) doing on the set


MTV Explains Nerdgastic First Look at #StarWars Millennium Falcon

There’s a war going on of whom can be the geekiest of all and I am losing. Seriously… so losing this battle. However, it is still fun to see the dorks, nerds, geeks and all rise to the occasion and get their geek on so hard when some of them are the highest paid people in