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Taylor Swift & Her Besties Put Us All To Shame

I totally thought that me and my girls hanging out in New York City was the idea of a good time. I mean what is better than hanging with your girls, walking around and letting the city bring you to life. Way to put us to shame Taylor Swift. Now, I know - we're not supposed to compare ourselves to others, because that's bad and all. But let me tell you it's hard when the person who is obviously writing songs about your life (we're overlooking the fact that they really aren't) is showing ...

The Latest Video of a Fan Opening Gifts From Taylor Swift

I love the videos from the fans that received gifts from Taylor Swift. I can't even laugh or judge them because I would loose my shit too. One of my favorite videos has been uploaded - Lucy Ashton. Her reaction to everything is just so pure and loving that we can't help but smile. Lucy is just so happy and we love her happiness to death. We love how she keeps saying, "She cares about me." Yes she does Lucy, yes, she does.

Taylor Swift is Protective of her Happiness

Let us all have a circle of truth right now. We can deny that we all like to know everything about celebrities, but we do. We love to know who they are dating, what they are doing, and what they are thinking. And there is nothing more that we like speculating on than if Taylor Swift is dating. Personally, for me - it's because I want to know what kind of songs that may be coming from her. Yes, it's pretty fucked up that I wonder how bad the men in her life are - simply because we love ...

What’s Taylor Swift’s Next Single?

Am I shocked? Nope, I am not. Taylor Swift's next single has been announced, and well... It's STYLE. Anyone else shocked? No? Here's what I am wanting to know - will the dude in the video look like Harry Styles? Cause that's all I care about knowing. I want to know who this song is about and my money is on Styles. I can see it being all driving through Nashville... Never mind, no one pays attention to my video ideas. And I am sure that whatever Taylor does will be magical.

#Swifties Suddenly Want To Flock to Catalina Island

Catalina is about to get swamped from time to time with people searching for Taylor Swift. Hell, I am like two hours away and was tempted to see if I could catch her on Catalina Island. The pictures hit Instagram of Taylor walking around with her besties - Lorde, Jamie King, and Haim. And guys - we're like jelly. Not only because they are all hanging out, but because they all look fabulous. Wandering around Catalina with my favorite people to wander around with. @lordemusic ...