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See Taylor Swift’s Performance on The Brit Awards

The Brit Awards happened and Taylor Swift performed. Now we wish that we were there because there is nothing better than a good Taylor Swift performance. We are shocked that Taylor Swift didn't perform Style, but we are all for Blank Space. What do you think of the performance?

As You Do… Taylor Swift Blow Dry’s Her Cat

If you're like me, your BFF has a lot of things that no one should have on you. When you do your stuff, they shouldn't be releasing that stuff on the internet. However when it comes to the stuff that makes me look sweet and innocent and fun - put that shiz out there. Cause I am all for the great press - or you know great Instagram posts. Taylor Swifts bestie, Abigail, posted an Instagram of Taylor blow drying her cat Olivia Benson after she got - well, wet. Not gonna lie, my eyes ...

Nothing Better Than Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon

There is nothing better than Taylor Swift. And there is nothing better than Jimmy Fallon. So combine the two and you have gold. The two are hilarious. Watch them take to the Fan Cam below. Cause it's amazing. What makes me laugh even more is that the two did a best friends test. I mean we all know she posed with her real life bestie on the cover of Vogue. But she their best friend test below. Aren't they amazing? I love them both!

Taylor Swift Invites A Fan And Her Family Over For Valentines Day

Valentines Day may not suck really bad when Taylor Swift invites you over to celebrate. Can you imagine? Some lucky people - well one lucky fan got invited over to Taylor's house with her entire family. I mean how do you explain to your parent's - "Mom, Dad, you can come if you want to, but Taylor invited me to her house, so I gotta go, regardless if you want to come or not?" Cause I don't know about you - if Taylor calls, nothing else matters. I will be at her house baking. ...

An honest opinion on @taylorswift13 “Style” music video.

  If you’ve been on twitter for a second this day, like myself, (or all day, let’s be honest) you might have seen in your timeline all about how taylor swift’s new music video for “Style” has been released. Of course, the first thing that people are talking about is the fact that it is about Harry Styles. Let me being by saying that up until not too long ago, I wasn’t a fan of Taylor’s swift. Sure, I listen to a song or two, but her as a person I had no interest ...