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#TeenWolf Review: 4×10 “Monstrous”

#TeenWolf Review: 4×10 “Monstrous”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT In a twist that surprises no one, Peter is a bad guy. Satomi knows everyone but no one bothers to explain how. Bad guys are horrible shots. Liam is the only one with any sense. The world was saved via text message. WHAT I LIKED WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE WHAT

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New #TeenWolf This SUNDAY – NOW IT’S ON

For the most part, I’ve been enjoying this season of Teen Wolf, but I felt like the plot stalled about halfway through. We weren’t learning anything more about what’s happening to Derek, or whether or not Malia is actually Peter’s daughter or it’s all just a red herring, and instead of getting clues about the

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#TeenWolf at Comic Con – From the TV Guide Yacht

I know I didn’t post a lot of Teen Wolf stuff from SDCC – mostly because I was there having super duper lots of fun – but I just couldn’t resist bringing you guys this video. The TV Guide videos are always adorable, and this year is no exception! From the TV Guide yacht, the

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Tyler Posey Joins Johnny Depp & Kevin Smith in “Yoga Hosers”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Posey is among the cast members joining the Johnny Depp/Kevin Smith collaboration Yoga Hosers. The film is a follow-up to Kevin Smith’s Tusks, which will make its debut next month at the Toronto Film Festival. Yoga Hosers is the second installment in a trilogy of films centering on Canadian

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#TeenWolf Review: 4×09 “Perishable”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT The title is a pun. DID YOU GET IT? DID YOU GET IT? Malia and Liam got drunk! I mean drugged. They were drugged. The evil orderly from Eichen House is evil and literally everyone saw that coming. The Sheriff got shot! But he’s okay. Parrish got set on fire!