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This Week in #TeenWolf: Who Will be Homecoming King?

This Week in #TeenWolf: Who Will be Homecoming King?

It’s that time again… Time to catch up on the latest Teen Wolf news! This week: vote for homecoming royalty, hear from another dearly departed wolf, take a trip to Hot Topic, and deeply enjoy Tyler Posey’s commitment to charity. Who’s Ready for Homecoming? Ah, homecoming season already? Whether you’re picking out the perfect dress or planning

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It’s #ManCrushMonday: @dylanobrien Edition

Another Monday, another man crush. What better way to kick off your week (besides that third cup of coffee) than with lots of gifs of cute boys? Today, we’re spotlighting one of Hollywood’s brightest rising stars (and my personal Sun and Stars), Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner‘s Dylan O’Brien. How do I love thee, Dylan? Let me

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‘Teen Wolf’ Fashion: It’s Not Just a Hobby; It’s a Lifestyle

Oh, how a simple Google search can change your life. It started out innocently enough–I was looking to update my wardrobe and thought, “Hey, the ladies of Teen Wolf always look cute. I wonder if anyone online has links to their outfits?” Cue my introduction to the world of Teen Wolf fashion. As it turns out, there are several