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We’re Loving That Shailene Woodley is Covering GQ

We’re Loving That Shailene Woodley is Covering GQ

Shailene Woodley is fun. She is fearless. She is outgoing. There is nothing that she can’t do. The actress, who we know from Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars,  and Secret Life of the American Teenager has made quite the name for herself. She caught the worlds eyes in The Descendants, opposite George Clooney. We


Oh yeah… @AnselElgort Killed It in 2014 #tantalizingtuesday

If you’re looking for a replica of certain brat pack members for this younger generation… Ansel Elgort is your man. If John Hughes was still around and making movie magic of the likes of Some Kind of Wonderful or The Breakfast Club in 2014, he’d seriously be looking to cast Ansel Elgort in a film. The


Shailene Woodley To Play Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend In Oliver Stone’s Latest Film

We’re super excited for this one. I mean here’s the thing – they had us at Joseph Gordon Levitt, but now Shailene Woodley. This will be a movie that we see. Even if Oliver Stone is the one directing (sorry, I have yet to find an Oliver Stone film that I like), I will watch


‘Divergent’ News: Ansel Elgort is Shirtless, Veronica Roth is Blonde and more…

Insurgent. We can’t wait for the movie – especially as the official twitter has been doing some teasing lately. The tag line “The Truth is Coming.” We can’t wait for that. ATTENTION: New website launches soon. Please follow. #TruthIsComing — Insurgent (@Divergent) October 14, 2014 But what else has been going on in the