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‘The Hunger Games’ Cast Talks About Working Together

When you hear The Hunger Games cast talk about each other, as corny as it sounds - tears kind of rise in my eyes. I love hearing that a cast gets a long, because so often you hear about those that don't. While we await Mockingjay Part 2 this fall, we're re-watching our Mockingjay Part 1 DVD. As the cast talks about the groups of friends that they have formed from the movie - we would like to thank the groups of friends that we have gained.

This ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Promo Teaches Us To Always Wear Underwear

There is no one in this world like Rebel Wilson. She's the funniest person and we absolutely love her. One of the newest TV spots for Pitch Perfect 2 has us laughing out loud and buying underwear. In the TV Spot, there is a little bit of a mishap and Fat Amy shows the President her "Wrecking Ball." Goes to show you ladies - even if you are risking panty lines, you must always wear some panties. But you dude - get rid of the 'tude. Pitch Perfect 2 comes out March 15, 2015.

Liam Hemsworth Confirmed for ‘Independence Day 2′

We have something new to obsess over Liam Hemsworth doing. His hotness has been confirmed for another movie. The only unfortunate thing about this movie is that it may limit just how much we get to see his bare chest. Yes, we objectify life that way and think about how many ways we can see a Hemsworth brothers abs. Don't judge. Liam is confirmed as part of Independence Day 2. Which is great and we're all for. Cause you know - Liam in IMAX is a good thing. Now we're not saying that we're ...

Say Spielberg and Lawrence and You Have Our Money

Steven Spielberg. Say the name and you have our attention. Combine that name with Jennifer Lawrence and you have us ready to hand over all of our money for whatever they come up with. Good news is - we're going to get our chance to hand over all the money as Warner Bros. has acquired a property that Spielberg is set to direct and Lawrence is set to star in. After an intense bidding war, Jennifer Lawrence is set to star in 'It's What I Do.' Guys - we're excited for this because it's a ...