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‘The Royals’ 1×06 Preview – Gemma & Ophelia Fight for Liam

We're obsessed with The Royals and the preview for next week has us excited. We're excited for Ophelia and Liam to be together. Now whomever invited Gemma along needs to be slapped and kicked, cause she needs to be left in England. Now, here's the thing - we're pretty sure that Gemma is going to get inside of Ophelia's head, but we're hoping that Eleanor slaps that down and helps Ophelia see that she's worth it. Our hope is though - that Jasper gets fired for loosing Eleanor.

William Moseley Takes Some Really Hot Pictures for OUT

I can admit when I am an idiot. I can admit when I am wrong. I can admit when I am blind. And I have been blind. Because until The Royals opened my eyes to the beauty that is William Moseley. Actually it slapped me in the face and told me that I need to pay better attention. Cause damn he grew up good. The star of The Royals, did an interview with Out magazine and his photos made me think a cold shower was needed. Quickly. Little did we know that the handsome Brit lives in Los Angeles (we ...

134 Not So Deep Thoughts on Episode 1×05 of @TheRoyalsonE – Best Show Ever!

We missed The Royals, but it's back. And tonights episode was just as great and had our mouths dropping. Can we just stop for a second and appreciate the beauty that is William Moseley? Cause that's like pretty. 1 - We know what happened - but thanks for the recap. 2 - Damn everyone is slutty. 3 - Can't say I wouldn't be slutty with those British accents. 4 - I hate Gemma. 5 - Nick is a fake. 6 - Ophelia and Liam belong together. 7 - Don't bring a date Ophelia. 8 - Damn thats a ...

#TheRoyals 1×05 Clip: Princess Eleanor ALWAYS Knows

You have to love Eleanor. She knows. Don't know how she always knows, but she knows. I mean she's baked most of the time - so for her to know - well shit must be obvious. It's time for the Royal Ball, and I guess when you are a Princess, you can't just ask your friends over to help you pick out an outfit. So why not ask the girl who lives in the palace? I love that these two are like besties. Can we talk about Eleanor's closet? Holy shiz - I want one that big. It's stunning. So ...

#TheRoyals Clip 1×05: Seems Princess Eleanor Has Developed Feelings

Well, well... turns out Eleanor has developed some feelings. Who would have guessed? Not me. I mean I kinda would have thought anything but. I mean Jasper blackmailed her, so she's finally gotten the chance to one up him and get rid of him - but she's keeping him around. Here's what I want to know - has she seen the video? Does she know that he is telling the truth?