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Robert Pattinson Looks Hot As F**k In A New Ad for ‘Dior’

Guys - Robert Pattinson has a new campaign for Dior and he look HOT. The campaign is called "Intense City". I can think of all sorts of things that have suddenly become intense staring at this slice of British handsomeness. The campaign is for Dior Homme Intense fragrance — and features black-and-white footage of the British god all over Manhattan. I wish Dior would have called me cause I would have stalked his ass up and down this island. The ad is has all sorts of inspirational messag...

Kristen Stewart Plays ‘The Whisper Game’ And Hilarity Ensues

We're loving on Kristen Stewart all the time because she is greatness. Really. The star was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and played 'The Whisper Game'. Basic jist of the game, Kristin had to put headphones with loud music on her ears and figure out what Jimmy was whispering. She then delivers the lines in her own way. Basically hilarity ensues. var ord = window.ord || Math.floor(Math.random() * 1e16); document.write('');

See The Trailer For KStew’s New Movie, “Anesthesia”

The trailer for Kristen Stewart's new movie, Anesthesia, has made its way on line. It looks intense. Everyone's lives are intertwined in the trailer, starring Sam Waterson and Kristen Stewart. A professor is violently mugged, and everyone's lives are forever affected. We won't lie - we'll be seeing it - cause it's KStew. var ord = window.ord || Math.floor(Math.random() * 1e16); document.write('');

Taylor Lautner Reminds Us Why We Were Team Jacob

Every time we wonder where the hell Taylor Lautner disappeared to, he comes crawling out of nowhere reminding us that we were once Team Jacob and worshipped his perfectly toned abs. (Yes, we admit that we were and will forever be Team Jacob). Granted - he doesn't look like he did in Twilight anymore - which we aren't saying is a good or a bad thing - but we're going to try and deny that we are shallow and state that we loved him for his acting ability. The actor was out in support of ...

Kristen Stewart in “Once & Forever” (A Chanel Short)

When it comes to Kristen Stewart - you know that she's our spirit actress. We heart her as much as we heart charcuterie (which for the record is A LOT - it's like an addiction). We flock to anything she does, but we weren't prepared spiritually for the Chanel film. Cause girl has got a 'tude. And that is not a good thing (though we totes get that it's acting and all that). In the Chanel short, Kristen Stewart is a “precious gem” actress starring in a Coco Chanel biopic. She's in ...