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“The Vampire Diaries” 6×05 Recap: Corn Maze Mayhem

“The Vampire Diaries” 6×05 Recap: Corn Maze Mayhem

Following the events from two episodes back Stefan receives a call from Tripp and finds out he hasn’t yet killed Enzo, as he wants information out of him about other vampires he knows. Meanwhile Stefan’s little complication in life, Ivy, hasn’t adjusted to her new life as a vampire very well. She used to be


“The Vampire Diaries” 6×04 Recap: Here’s to fresh starts or not

  Let’s propose a toast to starting afresh, and that’s not the only proposal that happened. Damon and Bonnie are still stuck in 1994 and if it wasn’t Damon’s personal hell then it sure is now as the ever so annoying Kai is sticking around. While Damon tries not to kill Kai, Kai sends Bonnie