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7 Lessons We Learned From The Best of Me” Trailer

7 Lessons We Learned From The Best of Me” Trailer

The Best of Me (2014) is yet another Nicholas Sparks book-to-film adaptation. In the last two years, we’ve seen more than three of his books appear on the silver screen, and while I thoroughly enjoyed The Lucky One (2012) and Safe Haven (2013)–Zac Efron’s abs and Josh Duhamel’s face can only save me from boredom for a certain


Doctor Who 8×07 Promo and Photos – ‘Kill the Moon’

Oh heeeeey, so yeah… sorry about last week and no Doctor Who update or promo. I have been slacking… I know, I know… sorry! But how about that Danny Pink fellow? He’s definitely a keeper, yeah?! Darling man who has a very beautiful expressive face. Look at it! Also, I do not like the idea of


More ‘Big Hero 6′ TV Spots #trailers

Each one of these television spots — delightfully upbeat — makes my want to see this film even more. So excited for this animated film and Marvel/Disney mashup that’s not adult-powered. My kiddos think it looks brilliant too. OCEAN TIPS: FOOTBALL: HEADS UP: DISNEY INFINITY SNEAK PEEK: Catch Baymax and Hiro in the theaters in