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New ‘Testament of Youth’ Trailer ft. More Colin Morgan

New ‘Testament of Youth’ Trailer ft. More Colin Morgan

Oh yeah, as if my entire last week could not be summed up by Colin Morgan is baaaaaack in everything I want to watch, I come bearing more gifts of dates for projects and a brand new trailer. So Colin was cast in the new show Humans which will also star William Hurt… yeah, you’re reading that


#Broadchurch Season 2 Teaser Trailers

Broadchurch is back for a second season and the teaser trailers take on the same somber tone of the first. Main characters Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy have voiceovers in the third part of the teaser — the first two trailers  being mostly a reminder of the first season and to show off the new tagline:


BREAKING: “Night of the Museum” #3 Trailer

Okay, so I might be a bit emotional today and stressed out which explains why I have tears in my eyes watching this trailer. Yeah… I’m on my third viewing as I type this out. Robin Williams is amazing in these films… and he along with this cast are fantastic. My family LOVES these films.


Orphan Black Season 3 Teaser Trailer #CloneClub

Oh my goodness, well that’s a switch. There’s absolutely hardly anything going on in this trailer but for the song. Ever so clever, Orphan Black team! I am thoroughly hooked on this show and cannot wait! This teaser will debut TONIGHT during the second of a three-episode-finale for Doctor Who on BBC America at 9/8c.


How To Get Away With Murder 1×07 Preview Guide: “He Deserved to Die”

Okay… so what the heck?! Usually I am able to figure out who and have a good feel for whom the murderer is! Damnit! So people do you have theories?! Come share them with me. This show is so undermining my whodunit genius. SYNOPSIS: “He Deserved to Die” – Annalise and the team are focused