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It’s #MazeRunnerFriday! Watch & Tweet @MazeRunnerMovie with @JamesDashner TONIGHT

It’s #MazeRunnerFriday! Watch & Tweet @MazeRunnerMovie with @JamesDashner TONIGHT

In case today wasn’t awesome enough for (finally) being Friday, it’s also #MazeRunnerFriday! To celebrate the release of The Maze Runner on DVD and Blu-ray, author James Dashner will be hosting a Twitter viewing party TONIGHT at 8:00 ET/5:00 PT. Tune in for his thoughts on the film and his answers to your questions! Do you have your


Oh @jk_rowling… You Do Like a Good Riddle #TantalizingTuesday

Where have you been?! If you haven’t heard yet? Oh yeah, J. K. Rowling adores her fans, but even more so, she loves how they’ll analyze, ponder, attempt to riddle out the simplest of things. Even tweets! Yep. Is this story sounding familiar now? All those procedural crime dramas are paying off for me, because I


TODAY #askOutlander @Heughan and @caitrionambalfe ANYTHING

Desperate to know how the new Mr. and Mrs. Fraser are doing? You should ask them. Both will be on twitter today at 1 pm EST talking about the show, Outlander and no doubt the sexy times that definitely happened after one of the most anticipated television wedding events since Reign. I mean there’s pictorial proof