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Sarah Hyland Covers Galore Magazine

Sarah Hyland is gorgeous and we love her. She's strong and inspiring. In the media she's gone through a lot, but always kept her head held high. The Modern Family star is now gracing the cover of Galore Magazine. In the magazine the starlet talks about her life, Modern Family, and who she admires. She also talks about the silliest rumor that she has heard about herself. Silliest Rumor:"When I was 20, there was an article saying that I was engaged and Julie Bowen did not approve. The ...

See The Trailer for “Amityville: The Awakening”

I am going to be honest, I can't watch this trailer. I am scared of everything and this thing scares the crap out of me. But Cameron Monaghan and Bella Thorne are in the trailer for Franck Khalfoun‘s “Amityville: The Awakening.” I am perfectly fine with you telling me I am a chicken shit. I am fully aware.

It’s Not Us That Needs to Prove We Want ‘Frostbite’….

I have been involved with a lot of Fandoms - ranging from Twilight to Beautiful Creatures to Mortal Instruments to Divergent to well... more. I have a fangirl heart. When the announcement came that Vampire Academy was moving forward and Zoey Deutch had been cast, it was Beautiful Creatures press day. Zoey, who had just been Zoey to me - seemed to be genuinely humbled and excited that she had been cast. She was walking alongside Thomas Mann, when I heard someone congratulate her. I was ...

Why This Fangirl Wants #Frostbite Made Into a Movie

Even here at Fangirlish, there are divided opinions on if and why Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film should be made. Not going to lie, my fangirl heart (as well as my daughter's) jumped with glee when the Indiegogo project went live. Yes, she and I have already donated so go ahead and thank or curse me in the comments below... just be nice and use logic for your arguments please. [Also, if you're an actual witch with curses, I don't mean you either. I have enough bad luck to carry me a ...

Vampire Academy: See A Small Peek at the #Frostbite Script

Instagram has all the greatest things for us all to stare at. This small look at the script for Frostbite was posted. Have you decided if you will be donating to Frostbite's Indiegogo campaign yet? Read all you can get for donating here.