Fandoms Are Colliding: ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Outlander’

Two of our favorite fandoms are colliding. And I bet some of you thought in a crossover kind of way. But nope – Sam Heughan of Outlander and Melissa Benoist of Supergirl have been cast together in a movie.

The two are set to star in Oxford and it sounds particularly heartbreaking.

What is it about? An American Rhodes Scholar student falls for an arrogant teaching assistant who is quietly fighting terminal cancer. When she finds out the reason he is so standoffish, they make the most of each day, traveling the world together.

We’re sensing like ALL THE TEARS.

You know it will be good too because Temple Hill’s Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey are producing and they know how to do all the sads.

No word on when production starts.

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