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Fangirlish Exclusive with Wattpads RomanceSparks

Fangirlish Exclusive with Wattpads RomanceSparks

We all love romance, right? Or at least, most of us do. Even those who prefer the blood and action of horror or suspense can admit that the majority of those works still have a romantic element mixed in, even it if is small.

There is something about the journey of two people, their ups and downs, and how they navigate life and each other that draws us in as readers. Whether is it to lose yourself in another world, or to feel better about our own choices as the characters bugger up their own, romance is a big seller…THE biggest seller, in fact, of all literary genres.

Wattpad has no shortage in the romance department, and several popular Wattpaders came together to bring a focus to romance in all his loveliness, with a profile, reading lists, and even weekly chats.

In an Fangirlish exclusive interview, we want you to meet the lovelies of @RomanceSparks!

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1) Please introduce yourselves!
Hi, I’m gabycabezut on Wattpad. I write sweet romance, comedies and emotional stories with happily ever afters. I’m part of the Wattpad Stars program and an engagement ambassador as well (GC).
I’m Emma from the Wattpad account winx1348! When I’m not studying for my degree in engineering, I’m a part of the Wattpad Stars program who writes a mixture of young adult and new adult romance stories. (ES)
Hi I’m Jordan and I write under my very old username of XxSkater2Girl16xX on Wattpad. I mainly write NA and YA but I love horror and action. I’m part of the Wattpad stars and am mainly known because I wrote a teacher student relationship book hehe. (JL)
What’s up? I’m Michelle Jo Quinn, Romance writer. I am also a Wattpad Star and I love to add bath scenes in my books. And I add cake too. Lots of cake. (MJQ)
Hi, I’m Keri and my username on wattpad is LaviniaLeigh. I am focusing my attention right now on writing Chicklit books, but I started by writing children’s books.
Hey there! I’m Trinity Hanrahan. I write contemporary romance, mainly Young and New Adult. But I’m at an expert level of reading the naughty stuff. (TH)
Hey, I’m Ellie but write under E.S.Purvis on Wattpad. I mostly write romance novels with a good level of angst and sometimes humour! I’m also part of the Wattpad Stars program and a content ambassador. (EP)

2) What made you want to start RomanceSparks?
Honestly? I saw there was a Sci-Fi chat, and a Horror chat and I wanted a Romance one, so I talked to a few of my friends and that’s how this profile came to be! (GC).
Gaby asked me to be part of it and I thought it’d be a great opportunity to meet and chat with other authors and also other fans of Wattpad while learning and sharing what I know! (JL)
Who doesn’t like Romance? Don’t answer that. When I was given the chance to join the chat, I jumped on it. (MJQ)
I find that most things end up being a lot more fun when you do it with friends. What could be better than to celebrate romance, books, and love than with other who love to talk about it too. (Keri)
I was actually brought into it by Michelle Jo Quinn. But I love romance (I mean, seriously, I’m a romance author) and I found the chance to chat and interact with other romance authors too good to pass up! (TH)
I was invited in by Gaby and thought it would be a cool thing to give a go and as a lover of romance, it seemed like the perfect fit! (EP)
3) What are some of your favorite romance stories on Wattpad?
I sound like a broken record, but A Proscriptive Relationship was my first-ever story on Wattpad and I fell in love with it (Yay! Jordan!). Also, The Lost Boys by Lilian Carmine, I sold myself to the devil for vynils (awesome story!), The Kiss Booth (by Beth Reekles), Sweetly Yours (NerdieByrdie), etc. (GC).
The first book I read on Wattpad was The Kissing Booth on Wattpad by Beth Reekles, and since then romance stories by hepburnettes, EmSlough, and many more have caught my eye! (ES)
Death is My BFF by KatRocks257 and The Psychic Next Door by YvetteRussell are some of my favorites! TPND was my first Wattpad book. (JL)
This is not an exhaustive list: The Serial Dater by AnnietheAuthor, everything Amie Stuart writes (ahem, cowboys!), everything Elise Noble writes (ahem, British bad boys), Dancing Around Cages by TheVandiShow, everything SheWritesRomance (aka Dana Adams) writes and many more! (MJQ)
Seriously, I have to pick? Ok, so the last two I read on wattpad that sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down were Restless Hope by SarahBensonbooks, and the Stiletto Sisterhood by Stilettosisterhood (Fallon DeMornay2). (Keri)
Oh Lord. We all know how well prepared I am when it comes to asking questions like these. Yeah. So…let’s check the old reading lists. A couple of my personal all-time favorites would be: Late Summer Rain by AubreyEatsHearts (absolutely amazing and makes me ugly cry), Silent Love by Missii, Bullett by SimplyxJess, Run Bad Boy Run by Simranm17, Finding Love Through Pain by MelBender and Military’s Girl by KenZ_Dizzy95. (TH)
Some of my favourites but definitely not limited to: anything by KatRocks257, Chasing Red by IsabelleRonin and Kissing Is The Easy Part by rainbowbrook. (EP)
4) What are some of the biggest mistakes romance writers make?
To make people fall in love as fast as you can say I love you. That’s unreal. A relationship takes time, a lot of awkward and cute moments, probably a few mistakes and embarassments and for me, falling in love is the best part! (GC).
When a relationship is unrealistic. For example, the two main characters fall in love in a second, when there’s no real problems or progression within a relationship, and when there aren’t supporting scenes/characters to help further the storyline. (ES)
Not challenging themselves enough. Writing is not always about being safe (that’s why secret babies are popular). Push the boundaries. Send your readers to a world where it’s okay to have flawed heroes and heroines who do the rescuing. It’s okay to have diverse characters. We need them. (MJQ)
Taking the easy way and trying to write what they think everyone wants. I’ve found that a lot of readers surprise you and don’t want the usual ‘trope’ romances. (TH)
Telling but now showing. Sadly a lot of the time, the romance in some books is quite one-dimensional and is just straight, direct actions. A good romance should be able to show the love between the characters without having to straight up say it. (EP)
5) How do you feel romance stories have changed over time?
Any Romance story is about two people finding each other. The way it has changed is more about the contemporary needs of the characters, and the way they have to go through the everyday problems (GC).
I think that people are starting to crave stories with stronger females. Storylines where the protagonist falls for the man who rescues her aren’t as popular. (Keri)
6) Smut…does it make or break a story?
It can do both, depending on what kind of story it is. A sexy scene is more valuable than a whole book of smut. My very personal opinion (GC).
I think that its a great addition to a romance story – whether it be a fade-to-black situation or full on scene – I just think it shouldn’t be the main feature of a story. (ES)
It depends on the story. I write both clean and erotic romance. If the story calls for it and it makes absolute sense, then why not? Does it move the story forward? It should always have a purpose. If it feels out of place and drawn out, it could ruin a perfect story arc. (MJQ)
Every detail in a story needs to earn it’s place – sex is no exception. If you shy away from it, but it’s logical for the characters, the story may seem lacking. If it’s thrown in there just for thrills, then it seems cheap. (Keri)
I think it really just depends on the story and what the author is writing. I write fairly clean stuff. But then, my main female character started out as a virgin in high school. However, by the time she got into college with her boyfriend, it made sense to add that level to their relationship. So, yes, in the sequel, there is sex. (TH)
It always depends on the story. For some, it elevates it and for others it is just a few extra scenes that don’t bring much to the story or the characters. (EP)
7) How do YOU work sex in to a story? What is your process?
I like to write about the whole buildup, leaving the rest to the imagination of my readers. As in romance, sometimes the journey is much more interesting than the destination! (GC).
Sometimes with a slow burn, then fade-to-black. Other times, only emotions are described, not the act itself. And with my naughty counterpart, everything’s fair game, clothes are thrown everywhere and it may not even matter if other people can hear or see them. It’s not always wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, although sometimes those are fun too. I have no one-time-use formula. I like to mix it up, like my characters do. (MJQ)
For the record, Michelle’s naughty counterpart is amazeballs! Just wanna put that out there. But as any of these ladies will tell you, I talk a good talk, but I’m a total prude when it comes to writing sex. I almost had a panic attack writing my first sex scene. But as I stated, it felt like it was something needed in the second book…so, I wrote it. I also had to have Michelle convince me that yes, the book really did need it in there. LOL My process to write it, however, was to pretty much just sit down, write and never look at it again. And pray that my kids never read it. (TH)
8) Do you think an adult story needs sex to keep readers interested?
Not always. It depends on the main focus of the story, but it does make a book more interesting for adults (GC).
Hell, no! I’ve read enough romance to know that face-to-black is just as sex-tension-filled than any erotica. However, it all depends on the reader. (MJQ)
Nope. I’ve never stopped reading a book because there was no sex in it. I have however stopped reading because the story lacked the interest or drama to keep me wondering what happens next. (Keri)
Again, I think it just depends on what the story is about and what it’s aiming for. Sometimes, a story really needs that intimacy that is conveyed via a love scene. Other times, it’s just not needed. I’ve read some amazing stories that didn’t have any sex at all in them. (TH)
Not at all. I’ve read many adult romances that were clean and they still had me in the palm of their hands throughout the entire book! (EP)
9) Each of you name your favorite romantic pair in literature…either published or not.
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy!! Holly and Chris (obvs!) 🙂 Anna and Etiénne (from Anna and the french kiss) (GC).
Ron and Hermione, Anna and Etiénne, Kai and Cinder/Scarlett and Wolf (from the Lunar Chronicles), Cath and Levi (Fangirl) (ES)
I second Gaby’s answer. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Levi and Nica from my Bliss Series. I love them. (MJQ)
Jamie and Claire from Outlander by Diana Galbaldon. Totally I love them! (Keri)
Call me biased, but I’m rather partial to my Teagan and Aislinn from my In Time books. LOL However, if I had to choose another pair, I’d be here all day. There’s a million of them. (TH)
Clary and Jace (Mortal Instruments) will probably always have my heart. (EP)
10) What are your thoughts on book to film adaptations when it comes to romance?
I think they work most of the time. Like in The Notebook or in the Fault in Our Stars (GC).
I feel like a lot of the time they take out the smaller elements of a romance when they adapt a great story into a film. Some definitely work in my opinion, like The Choice, and some just don’t. (ES) (*side note: i hated the Notebook :’))
Have I ever seen a better movie than a book? So far no. I’d like to see them keep trying. Casting a huge part for me. If I don’t agree with the actors they pick, and they don’t pull off the characters well, it ruins it. But I’m a huge fan of romance movies just as much as books.(MJQ)
Adapting a favorite book to film is always a tricky thing. We love our own versions of characters, and how they look in our heads, but, when the movie gets it right, it’s magic! (Keri)
It all comes down to casting. I think a big problem is, casting directors and producers don’t listen to the fans when it comes down to choosing an actor. You’re counting on these same fans to come in and watch your movie, so you might want to listen to what they have to say when they picture ‘X’ actor as this particular character. Some of my favorite books were just ruined because of bad casting. But then some, like The Lucky One, just blew me away! (TH)
Although I mostly always think the book is better because of the emotions and inside perspective, a movie is a nice ad-on and can sometimes be really good as long as the cast and screenplay is as close to the book as possible! (EP)
11) Which romance should make it to the big screen but has yet to be considered?
Anna and Étienne. I love that story! (GC)
Definitely agree with Gaby on this one regarding Anna and the French Kiss, but I would love to see any of Emery Lord’s or Sarah Dessen’s teen fiction novels be brought to the big screen. (ES)
This is more YA fantasy, but there is romance in it…The Lunar Chronicles. (MJQ)
12) What Wattpad romance would you want to see hit the big screen?
Holly and Chris!! And Emily and Scott from Prince with Benefits, I might be biased on the last one! 😉 (GC).
The Mischevious Mr. Maxfield is a wonderfully written romance that needs to be marked for publishing and a movie deal! (ES)
There’s a Fly in My Soup! and Cowboys and Englishmen by SheWritesRomance.
13) What is ‘crossover’ with regard to romance and why is it a benefit or a downfall?
Crossover can be interesting if they’re done properly. It’s when you have two separate characters or stories and you sort of mesh them up, making another story. It could work in sequels and as a way to keep the readers interested. But again, it has to be done right! (GC).
I think that Nicholas Sparks’ story The Longest Ride was a great crossover, as both love stories were fully represented (in the book at least), and they both tie-in to each other magnificiently. (ES)
Taking a character/s from a story and inserting them to another is a crossover. I’ve done my fair share of crossovers. My readers seem to love them. They’re like easter eggs. It brings about familiarity. Downfall is when they’re just thrown in for no reason whatsoever. (MJQ)
When it makes sense it would be a lot of fun. I know I am always craving more story from my favorite characters, but they have to fit. Putting together BBC’s Sherlock Holmes in a romantic situation with a grown up Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter would be a disaster. (Keri)
I think crossovers are amazing! I started out writing crossover fanfiction and loved meshing the characters from two different universes together. But only if the storyline is plausible and makes sense. (TH)
Crossovers (when they actually make sense and could happen) can be really fun and a great way to tie an author’s stories together and leave hints for new stories within them all! (EP)
14) What romance read on Wattpad would you love to see win a Watty this year?
Before Sunday by Leah Crichton! (GC).
I mean, being biased, I’d say Behind The Scenes, though Paper Sails by EmSlough would be very deserving of a Watty! (ES)
I’m pretty sure Stiletto Sisterhood will make it. (MJQ)
I agree with Michelle. (Keri)
Ditto, Michelle. (TH)
I definitely agree with Emma on Paper Sails being Watty worthy! (EP)
15) What would you like to say to those who have yet to check out RomanceSparks?
That if you like Romance, chick-lit stories, this is the profile for you. We have so much fun every Wednesday in our chats too!! (follow #WpSparks) (GC).
It’s definitely a place to find a new read if you’re into romance on Wattpad! The group of us are fun, always willing to chat (especially on twitter on Wednesday nights), and are all just secretly in love with the classic happily ever after. (ES)
We have funny gifs and hot men. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can add yoru own opinions. And you might learn a few things too. (MJQ)
If there’s a place in your heart for romance novels then you should definitely come to the profile and hang out with us on our twitter chats every Wednesday! And to back up Michelle here, yes, we have many funny gifs and hot men! (EP)

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