When it comes to television there’s nothing that spawns more passion than the ships that we invest our heart and soul into. Those two people that have an undeniable connection that just demands to be felt.

There are many ships on television that have captured the hearts of fans everywhere, but here at Fangirlish we’re partial to some that take shipping to the next level, whether it’s those iconic romances or family relationships that really make us feel all the feels.

Here are the year’s 20 best TV ships that truly captured our hearts:

1. Oliver and Felicity, Arrow


Oliver and Felicity are one of those couples that were simply made for each other. Everything about their partnership seems like it was fated: from Emily Bett Rickards’ guest appearance turned series regular status to the natural progression of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship over the past three-now-four seasons. While I’m certainly a fan of the sexy times between the pair, the great thing about Olicity is that it’s a relationship that is rooted in friendship and trust. Their relationship has always been more about their absolute need to be in each other’s lives, regardless of how – whether it was as friends or as something more. We’ve watched as the pair evolved from strangers to partners to friends to lovers to now two people that wouldn’t be who they are without the other. This season we’ve been gifted the treat of watching Oliver and Felicity navigate the waters of being in a relationship, being a team within a team, and handling the struggles that life throws their way. And they’ve overcome them. Now Oliver and Felicity are happily engaged (I’m choosing to forget the ending of that midseason finale, eternal bliss that is all). Add to that the sizzling chemistry between leads Stephen Amell and Rickards and Arrow has an unbeatable combination with Olicity. – Alyssa

2. Emma and Killian, Once Upon A Time


Some ships are endgame from the beginning. Some you see coming from a mile away. And then there’s the other kind: the kind that takes you by surprise, the ones that are half plan, half chemistry. Like Captain Swan. If you were expecting Captain Hook to be Emma Swan’s true love before he was even introduced, then you are probably the only one. And yet here we are, three years later, and we can’t imagine this show without Emma and Killian. We don’t want this show without them. And that’s because, despite the fact that the chemistry was there from the first moment, the writers have taken the time to craft a slow, beautiful and convincing relationship. It’s because he makes Emma want to be happy, and she makes him want to be good. It’s because they’d go to the end of the world for each other. It’s because together, with her parents, Henry, and even Regina, they are what neither of them has had in a long, long time. A family. — Lizzie

3. Stiles and Lydia, Teen Wolf


Though being a Stydia fan is a long exercise in waiting, Teen Wolf Season 5A gave us a lot of new moments to celebrate – from Stiles’ devastating look at a seriously injured Lydia (a callback to, “If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind”) to Scott’s confidence that Stiles still loves Lydia, just in a more mature way. With the promos for the new season teasing that Stiles will be the one to help Lydia escape from Eichen House (and that Stiles and Malia have essentially broken up), 5B seems like the perfect time for a big development in the Stydia department. Stiles and Lydia’s relationship has grown from an unrequited crush to a point where they both truly understand, appreciate, and pay attention to each other in a very natural way. The groundwork is laid, the chemistry is there, and it’s time for Teen Wolf to make it happen – but fanon or canon, it’s still one of the best ships on TV. — Chloe

4. Clarke and Bellamy, The 100


It’s the same classic tale. Rogue scoundrel with a heart of gold who loves his family. Smart, capable, beauty who has the smarts to deal with any situation that comes her way. While some people think classic is bad…it’s ‘classic’ for a reason. It works. It’s the merging of two different ways of life, two different kinds of people who somehow make it work despite a whole lot of drama, death, and mayhem. What makes it even better is that they don’t take each others crap. They fight tooth and nail for what they believe in. Even if it pisses the other off. Many fights, arguments and battles later they have found that they aren’t that different. They know the value of life, family, and trust each other to take care of each other when their backs are against the wall. They’re partners. They might not be at the romantic part of their relationship yet, but who cares! Build up is good because when they do get together it’s going to be explosive and backed by tons of chemistry that will knock our socks off! The 100 returns January 21, 2016 on The CW. — Lyra

5. Hayley and Elijah, The Originals


No one said the road to being together was easy and if anyone is having the slow burn, it’s Hayley and Elijah. But we get the fact that it takes time to get together. Then again – it is a Julie Plec show, so we never count on our ships getting together. You can count on angst, passion, and hot vampire sex you wish that you were having. Regardless of what happens and if they ever get together, we’ll take what we can get, because the way The Orginals writers do angst, it’s a treat in itself. BUT – if you want to give us a present – we’ll take these two back together. — Erin

6. Caleb and Hanna, Pretty Little Liars


I only started Pretty Little Liars this year, but I soon found myself rooting for this couple the most. To me they’ve had the best journey as a couple and have been through so much together. They have such an amazing chemistry; you can see how much these two characters love one another. I would consider these two an epic love, the way they fight for one another, are willing to do whatever it takes just to keep the other safe.  Also he is the best boyfriend ever, don’t stand in his way when he’s trying to protect Hanna. These two have to get back together when season 6 returns, they have to, they’re meant to be together. — Adele

7. Fitz and Simmons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


It’s been an angst-ridden ride for the Science Babies on Agents of SHIELD. Last year, we saw Leo Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) finally declare his love for Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) at the bottom of the ocean, but then he almost drowned, and she went undercover to work for HYDRA and it seemed as if they just were not as in sync as they once were. And then, at the end of Season 2, Simmons told him that she felt the same and that they should go for a romantic dinner (just before he went out on a dangerous mission, mind you) and then she got sucked in by the Kree Monolith and was transported to another planet. Talk about hard luck! Now we’re onto Season 3, and Fitz literally crossed time and space in order to rescue her – only to find out that she fell in love with another man while on the other planet. It’s a constant up and down situation, and with the fact that they finally shared a kiss and that we found out in the mid-season finale that Will, the other man, died. Perhaps the chance for our epic love has come? But in the meantime they will continue to make our heart ache with their touching moments and beautiful declarations of love. — Caryn

8. Jessica and Luke, Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones is one of the best TV shows that came out in 2015. It was a game changer, a feminist God-send to watch a superhero – who tries hard not to be one – conquer her demons in a compelling way, by battling the dregs left from Kilgrave’s mind control. She tried to make amends to those who she hurt in any way she can, too, which is how Luke Cage came in to the picture. Jessica watched over him after the death of his wife, a death that she caused while under Kilgrave’s orders. I understood that this was the only way Jessica could fix things as she punished herself and dealt with her effects of PTSD. It was also meaningful that these two meet; not only did Jessica find another person who doesn’t like to use his powers in the average superhero or supervillain way, but both are damaged due to the psychotic Kilgrave. Luke doesn’t learn about this for a while, but they find out they connect – physically, which is, hot to watch their chemistry, but emotionally, when Luke seems to understand Jessica better once he’s under Kilgrave’s mind control. They are complex, too. Luke wants to be there for Jessica, but doesn’t understand why she runs away. Jessica tries not to hurt him, but when she does, she always makes up for it in only she can. They care. They fight. We love them. Season Two will determine if these two will be together like the comics, but I truly believe they’re the only ones who understand each other the most – and I’m rooting for them all the way. — Iris

9. Juliette and Avery, Nashville


While Juliette and Avery aren’t together anymore on the show, I still appreciate the 3 seasons of fantastic love between them. Nashies call the couple “Javery”, and they are well-deserved of a happy ending again in season 4 next fall. A budding romance, marriage and a beautiful baby girl later, and the relationship has everything. But it all turned for the worst when Juliette started showing symptoms of PPD, or post-partum depression. Avery and the whole gang at Highway 65 tried to help her, but the further she pushed them away, the worse the relationship got. And then, the unthinkable (but not surprising) happened: Avery filed for divorce and joint custody of Cadence. So sad. I hope Avery changes his mind next season and lets Juliette see her daughter. That would be really sweet. Plus, we’ll get to see how Juliette is doing after rehab. — Danielle

10. Scott and Stiles, Teen Wolf


From the moment we we’re introduced to Scott and Stiles, better known as Sciles, in the pilot of Teen Wolf, I was sold on their relationship. The love they have for one another is evident in every interaction they have, whether they’re protecting each other from supernatural beings or exchanging glances while in class. They’re not afraid to be vulnerable around one another and are forthcoming with their feelings for each other, showing just how deep their bond is. These two are practically inseparable, and even though they are in a rocky place at the beginning of season 5B, I have no doubt these two will find their way back to each other. — Lauren

11. Claire and Jamie, Outlander


Watching Claire and Jamie together is like watching a movie you really, really like for the fifth time. You know what’s coming, you can even predict some of the lines, and yet, you can’t help but be charmed. You can’t help but let out an awww or two. You can’t help but root for these two, despite the time period, despite the obstacles, despite common sense. Because Jamie looks at her like she’s the sun and though Claire resists, at the end of season one she’s looking at him like he’s the moon. Because they trust each other. Because he saves her, but she also saves him. Because, as strange as it sounds, they’re really and truly, partners. And isn’t that what you want in an OTP? — Lizzie

12. Connor and Oliver, How to Get Away with Murder


What started off as a hookup (and technical skills exploitation) has become the heart of How to Get Away With Murder. Oliver stole the hearts of Connor, the rest of the Keating Five, and the entire fandom with his enthusiasm, sweet personality, and hacking prowess. He helped reform Connor’s playboy ways – and, furthermore, is what keeps him grounded in the midst of all the, you know, getting away with murder. Connor boosts Oliver’s confidence (deservingly!), stands by him after his HIV diagnosis, and does his best to protect him from all of the sh*t that goes down when he gets involved with Annalise. Oh, and they still have their share of hot, hot hookups. What’s not to love? — Chloe

13. Barry and Joe, The Flash


When it comes to shipping it’s not always about the romantic implications of a relationship. Shipping is being really invested in two people’s relationship and wanting to see more from it. While I do ship Barry and Iris on The Flash, my favorite ship on that show stems from the bond between superhero Barry Allen and his adoptive father Joe West. Every scene with these two is pure emotion and magic. Both of these men rely on the other in order to stay grounded in this chaotic world filled with metahumans and real life drama. There’s an undeniable connection between father and son which goes to show that it isn’t blood but love that makes you family.  ­– Alyssa

14. Barry and Patty, The Flash


Barry needs happiness, a bubbly joy that he brings out in others. It's a rare trait he has and too bad his closest confidantes -- his brilliant, but prone to pessimism friends and family cannot find that sunny disposition inside themselves. They rely heavily on Barry for that. Sometimes I feel like it's too much pressure on him, and that's why Patty fits into his life so delightfully. She knows the same hurts Barry deals with and yet her open, courageously honest and fun attitude while dating Barry has been so refreshing. Patty lights up Barry's smile when she walks into a room, with her adorable reactions and ridiculous amount of trust she places in him and frankly it's everything he needs right now during the darkest of times for him. -- Beth

15. Eleanor and Jasper, The Royals


Ok, we get it again... slow burn. Angst. There is something about a bad boy that sets a woman on fire - and Jasper is all bad. Like we know that he came to England to steal a diamond, but he really fell hard for Eleanor and wasn't able to follow through. Now, Eleanor may be scrubbing her vagina to forget Mandy was ever near it - but we're hoping that she finds her way back to Jasper. We're hoping that she sees that even though he had the wrong intentions at first, his intentions now are to do nothing but make her happy. We have a feeling this will be the slow burn, but knowing these two - when it happens - it'll be hotter than we can imagine and the men in our lives will be thanking Mark Schwann for the gift that they are going to get that night. -- Erin

16. Jane and Mateo, Jane the Virgin


When I became a fan of Jane the Virgin, I didn’t think I would love every single part of this wonderful world. And I mean, every single thing. So when Jane was pregnant with Mateo, I would coo and coo over all the moments she gave a pound to the baby bump. When we found out he was the first boy for the Villanueva women, I cried tears of joy at their confusion on how they’re going to handle a boy. So every time we watch Jane with Mateo, I can’t help but feel like he’s the greatest TV baby we have ever seen. He brings forth a peace to Jane she needs, while inspiring her to do the best as she can in all areas of her life: Writer, mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Our protagonist might be a little overbearing with her son, but who wouldn’t when he was kidnapped and then had to wear a helmet? The best man in Jane’s life is Mateo, and he’s the luckiest little boy to have a mother – and family – who care for him so much. -- Iris

17. Mike and Rachel, Suits


Mike and Rachel epitomize the wrong side of the tracks romance in a modern time. While Mike, orphaned early in life had a wealth of opportunities opened up by his brilliant brain, he squandered them. Afraid of becoming more, he found Rachel in the same predicament though. She comes from the posh family with high expectations -- fighting off the double standards expected from a female heir to a legacy. Yet when Rachel and Mike come together, suddenly they're stronger, they're brighter and that's what makes them the best couple to ship. It's what contemporaries in love should look like. -- Beth

18. Bellamy and Raven, The 100


I could spend days on end talking about the love I have for Bellamy and Raven, better known as Rellamy, as a duo. These two challenge each other and are brutally honest with one another, which helps build their character. Bellamy continously tells Raven how intelligent she is and how much the group needs her, Raven informs Bellamy when he's being brave and keeps him on mission when he may waver. When Finn met his untimely demise, Bellamy was there to comfort Raven. Rellamy may have only been canon for a fleeting moment, but I believe they have one of the healthiest relationships on The 100 and a lot of untapped potential! -- Lauren

19. Callie and Brandon, The Fosters


"Brallie" have been through the most ever since this show started back in 2013. We know they’ll always have that special bond. That unbreakable hold on each other’s hearts. Even though they are officially siblings now and can’t be together, we still have our favorite Brallie moments: the hang-gliding trip in Mexico, Brandon and AJ’s huge fight at Callie’s birthday party, and the most epic sex scene in the history of television! We think that was the crux of the entire relationship. I’m biting my nails for how Brallie will handle the aftermath now that Callie is officially a Foster, come next season. But we all know that deep down, they deserve to be happy. -- Danielle

20. Haley and Andy, Modern Family


This ship has no right being as painful as it is, seeing as it's a comedy show like Modern Family, but alas here we are. This year saw Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland), the oldest, more materialistic daughter of Claire and Phil fall in love with Andy Bailey (Adam Devine) who is the homely male nanny of Jay and Gloria's son, Joe and trainee real estate agent with Phil. This relationship was adorable because they are so different but they complement each other so well, and the parallels between them and the Claire/Phil relationship are often brought up. But in the finale of Season 6, Andy proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Beth because he thought Haley didn't feel the same way as him but only Phil knew the truth about their feelings for each other but by the time he told Haley it was too late. Season 7 brought them back together as Andy put on lots of weight over the summer due to his guilt over his Haley-feelings but she still loved him (which was contrary to her past focus on the outer beauty over the inner), the two do manage to sleep together (cue a very hot makeout session) and then continue an illicit affair before the family convinces Andy to tell Beth and they break up because she had been cheating on him as well. So hopefully the second half of Season 7 means that Handy shippers will finally get what they have been waiting for. -- Caryn

What were your favorite TV ships in 2015? Did any of them make our list?

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