Fangirlish Favorites: Favorite Fandom Moments of 2014 (Part 1)

2014 is quickly drawing to a close–but before we ring in the New Year, we’ll be reflecting on our favorite media and moments of the year. To close out this series, members of the Fangirlish team are sharing their favorite fandom moments of the year. First, we’re talking about our favorite personal fandom moments–from meeting people we never thought we would to attending cons and beyond. Check back this afternoon for Part 2, our favorite overall fandom moments of 2014!

Adele: Attending the TVD Con Insurgence 6


Going to Insurgence 6 (TVD convention in Birmingham, England) and meeting Paul Wesley and chatting to Zach Roeig. All the guests were so nice and friendly.

Melissa: Scoring RPattz’s Autograph



Getting my first autograph from Robert Pattinson at The Rover premiere–and, in general, camping out for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and Catching Fire. I’ve made all of my friends from these events & I’d have it no other way. Friends that fangirl together, stay together.

Erin: Spending Time with a YA Movie Star



I won’t say who – because running this site, I have to maintain some confidentiality. But one of the best moments of 2014 for me was spending time with a certain celebrity who was in YA movie, that didn’t do so well. But I randomly ran into him in LA, and we talked for like an hour. I was shocked he remembered me. He was really kind and sweet, and I helped him pick out a gift for his mom. Simple but sweet.

Katie C.: Meeting Ansel Elgort & Seeing Jamie Campbell Bower Perform

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Honestly, I cannot decide between meeting Ansel Elgort at the Divergent premiere in Orlando, FL or seeing Jamie Campbell Bower’s band, The Darling Buds, play at the Gibson showroom in LA. Both were experiences that would make any fangirl swoon. I also met Demi Lovato and that was such an awesome experience! UGH! So many great things to choose from!

Katie M.: Meeting Destination Truth‘s Josh Gates


Meeting Destination Truth’s Josh Gates at The Ohio State Reformatory in May. I first came to know Josh Gates through Ghost Hunters. His show (that has now been cancelled), Destination Truth, came on after Ghost Hunters. And I was hooked. The aim of his travels is not to prove whether a monster (such as the Yeti) or ghost may exist but to tell the stories that people have about the Unknown – from all over the world. In May, I got to meet Josh Gates himself – shake his hand, get his book autographed (FINALLY), get a picture with him, and investigate the Ohio State Reformatory. I think I composed myself pretty well, considering I was meeting the #1 spot on my “Celebrities I Want To Meet” list. (Even though my friend will tell you I was “dewy-eyed”). But I hope that May 2015 goes better. That I get to talk to him for more than five minutes, and investigate with him. *nervous laugh*

Chloe: The Year of Teen Wolf

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This has been such an amazing year, especially where Teen Wolf is concerned. My absolute favorite moments were getting to meet Dylan O’Brien twice (can’t wait to talk more about that next year!)–nothing can top meeting my Sun and Stars (and I’m forever grateful to Fangirlish for making it happen!). However, I also had a fabulous time at Days of the Wolf in Burbank and going VIP with Iris (and our friend Mya) at MTV’s Fandom Awards during SDCC.

Iris: Epic Teen Wolf Times at SDCC

teen wolf selfie

I have a couple! One was with Chloe, alongside Mya to meet the Teen Wolf cast. That would always be the most incredible thing for me.

Liz: Meeting the Warehouse 13 Cast at DragonCon



This year, I went to DragonCon in Atlanta for the first time ever. Earlier this year marked the end of Warehouse 13, one of my favorite shows. It was really great to see the main cast on stage and get to meet them in the signing hall as well. You could see how these moments impacted not just the cast but the fans as well. It was a really wonderful thing.

What was your favorite personal fandom moment of 2014? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for more of our 2014 Favorites!



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