Fangirlish Favorites: The Best Episodes of ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5A

Now that we’ve had some time to work through all of our Teen Wolf feelings – hey, that finale was pretty devastating – we’re finally ready to get reflective about Season 5A. From the Sciles “breakup” heard ’round the world and the #WhatIsParrish reveal to Kira’s Kitsune problems and the troublesome Dread Doctors (oh, and don’t even get us started on Theo), this was Teen Wolf‘s most insane (and awesome) season to date. Fangirlish’s Teen Wolf experts broke down their picks for the season’s best episodes – perfect for deciding which ones to re-watch or remembering your favorite moments.

Beth: 5×01 “Creatures of the Night”

My favorite episode of Season 5A of Teen Wolf is “Creatures of the Night,” and not only because Lydia kicks butt like a badmothereffing badass Banshee. Oh yeah, when she goes full on fight mode, I was like, “ABOUT TIME!” This lady banshee got to go front and center as a supernatural, and OY! did she come out screaming in this episode. However, that’s not all. Knowing it’s a flashforward lets me hope that there’s still fight left in the pack even after the worst happens throughout this whole entire season. Her spunk showing up right from the beginning, the very first episode allowed me to recalibrate everything else as the emotional fallout of each episode in 5A piled up and keep believing things would get better.

Lauren: 5×05 “A Novel Approach”

My favorite episode of Teen Wolf Season 5A was easily “A Novel Approach.” It was a well-acted, well-written episode all around, but the first twelve minutes were golden thanks to Dylan O’Brien’s fine acting. With almost no dialogue, Dylan brilliantly showcased every emotion Stiles was feeling and made us feel like we were there in that moment. His facial expressions, his body language, and even his breathing elevated those scenes and reminded us why he is one of the finest actors of our generation. The rest of the episode only further engaged us in the ongoing plot line and gave us beautiful character moments. Excellent episode all around.

Iris: 5x06 "Required Reading"

Season 5A is has been one of my favorite seasons – so far! I am very partial to 1-3A, but if there were a Teen Wolf Olympics for Badass Storylines, I might have awarded it with the Bronze Medal so it can stand on a pedestal with the rest of the show’s exemplary work. However, there is one specific episode that forced me to sit on the edge of my chair. “Required Reading” was one of most intense visuals of our three main characters - Scott, Lydia and Stiles – involved heavily in flashbacks. The writers of Teen Wolf understand the terror of panic attacks, asthma attacks, and watching your loved ones hurt themselves, and it almost became too much to watch certain parts. It was well worth the fear, as this episode proved to be one of my favorites.

Chloe: 5x07 "Strange Frequencies"

I feel like the middle chunk of Season 5A episodes are all tied for my favorite, but since Lauren and Iris already summed up two of these so eloquently, I'm going with "Strange Frequencies." This episode gave us a great balance of lightness - Hayden's perfect reaction to Liam's supernatural demonstration, Stiles' and Theo's banter in the Jeep - and seriously intense moments - Kira almost decapitating her mom, another confrontation with the Dread Doctors, and so on. The apparently Dread Doctor-induced hallucinations of Malia getting caught in bear traps, Tracy ripping out Lydia's tongue, and Kira impaling Scott were the real stars of the episode, though. These jaw-dropping scenes left us terrified, very concerned about how much of the action was real, and wondering about the exact extent of the Dreads' powers. "Strange Frequencies" was one of Teen Wolf's most intense (and gory) episodes to date, once again showing the versatility of the show - and how it can do darkness so well.

What was your favorite episode of 'Teen Wolf' Season 5A?

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