Wattpad Interview: Author Kenadee Bryant @OutOfMyLimit17

Wattpad has become a haven and a sanctuary for all of us who love to read, write, or just interact with those of a similar mind set. The love of the written word is something that, unfortunately, has fallen away in this technical age. And for those within the Wattpad community, we have found a way to bridge the gap, and merge the modern with the never ending art that is writing.

But Wattpad has also been a platform for some writers to launch their careers beyond their computer screen and the orange boundaries to traditional publication. The likes of Natasha Preston, Ali Novak, Lindsay Summers and of course, Anna Todd are just a few of those who started on Wattpad, but now own the bookstores and hearts of readers all over the world.

Well, add another name to that list…Kenadee Bryant is about to release her first novel with Limitless Publishing September 13, and we here at Fangirlish couldn’t be happier for her!

We had the opportunity to talk with Kenadee to get the inside scoop on her process, her book, and what all this means for her.

Can you tell us a bit about your start on Wattpad?

Well my start here on Wattpad was because of my friend in school. One day three of us were in spanish class and we decided we would write a story each and share it with one another when we had the chapters done (I mean what else do you do in a boring class right?) Anyways she told me about this place and to be honest I never got on it. It was only after the 30th time she told me did I take the plunge and boy am I happy I did. I am so addicted to this place now.

What have been some of your Wattpad milestones?

Oh man I have had a few actually. One is getting two, and now almost three, of my stories to a Million reads! To see that a million people have read my stories is just incredible. Another is reaching 50 thousand followers. This just happened recently and man am I still excited about it. I don’t even know 50 thousand people and to think only 3 years ago I only had 2 and they were my friends. My biggest yet is getting one of my stories published.

Who are some of your fav wattpad authors?

Oh gosh this is a hard one. I love DoNotMicrowave, KanyeInterruptedMe, Anna Todd (I mean she is amazing!), and one author is fairly new I love is taintedkissesxo she has an amazing story!

30593038-176-k133143You recently signed a book deal with Limitless publishing, the first of a trilogy coming out September 13! Congrats! Tell us a bit about the series.

Thank you! I am so excited about it and I still can’t believe it is happening. It is my second book here on Wattpad called, A Year Agreement. The agency decided to split it up into three books and they are called-Accidental Proposal, Accidental Attraction, and Accidental Love. It is a romance novel so if you like to read that genre this may be the book for you. It is about a girl who gets offered a deal by this head-strong, cruel CEO to be his wife for a year and after that year she gets a million dollars. Having been abandoned by her mother at the age 5 of she has had to work hard all her life to make ends meet. So what happens when she takes the deal? You’ll have to read it to find out 😉

How did you find your publishers? What was your journey?

I actually found my publishers here on Wattpad thanks to Kelly Anne Blount, who hosts the Block Party. She invited the head editor to come and check out some authors books and mine was lucky enough to be picked. The journey so far has been amazing! I have meet tons of fellow authors, learned so much about writing and what it takes to even get your book picked up by an agency. It has been really eye opening and amazing!

What are your plans once your series hits the shelves? Any book tour dates or appearances we should know about?

Honestly I haven’t really thought about what will happen afterwards! I am hoping though to maybe do a small book tour or show up to some local Barnes and Nobles to do some signings.

45283724-208-k968167Do you have any ideas for future works either on Wattpad or for publication?

I am currently in the middle of writing a story called “Silent Love” that is sort of a spin off of another story. It is going so well and I love writing it. But I do have another story I am going to be posting soon on Wattpad that is different than I normally write. It is going to be a mafia type story with tons of action. I am so excited to post it here in a few weeks 🙂

Can you give any advice to those who are thinking of trying the traditional publication route?

Don’t ever give up. If you are sending in manuscripts to publishing agencies don’t worry if they pick up your story. It just means you should see what you need to fix and send it again! You can only get better with some criticism and think about it J.K Rowling manuscripts for Harry Potter got rejected 20 or so times before it was picked up, and now she is a millionaire. Just keep sending in your works and don’t ever give up. You never know when someone will want to publish your work and where you will go afterwards!

What are some of your writing goals that you still wish to accomplish?

I would love to just keep writing more stories. I want to write things that people love and will continue to love to get lost in. And of course I’d love for another story of mine to be published but as long as people on Wattpad love to read my stuff I am happy.

In one sentence, can you describe your Wattpad experience?

My experience has been incredible. eye-opening, amazing, and it has literally changed my life.

We cant thank Kenadee enough for taking the time to do this interview, and wish her all the best in her new publishing ventures! Everyone be sure to check out her book on Wattpad, and also pick up your copy when it becomes available September 13!

And be sure to follow her on Wattpad at @outofmylimit17.

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