Fangirlish Writers React To CBS Freshman Show Trailers

CBS has a lot going on this fall and we’re looking forward to a lot of different things. Kinds of torn down the center between Bull and Star Trek we’re responding with our thoughts on their fall shows.

Bull (Tuesdays, 9pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – I didn’t want to like it, but the trailer doesn’t look bad at all. I like Michael Weatherly, I have since Dark Angel, and he can play the suave, confident, cocky character to a “T” – also, if well done, courtroom dramas are one of my favorite “not much thinking involved” shows. I’m in. Would you watch it or not – Yes. I’ll give it a chance. Will this show be a priority for you – Probably not something I’ll watch live, but I’ll DVR.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Thank you CBS for giving me the entire first episode in one trailer. I didn’t think that a jury like show could get anymore boring. I was wrong. It’s the same trick and pony with someone psychoanalysing the jury to predict what’s going to happen. Yawn alert.  Would you watch it or not – No way.

Caryn: It seems familiar, like a concept I’ve seen before on other shows, like The Mentalist. I also could not get the whole ‘charming’ characteristic of the character Bull, but that might just be from the first reading. While the way that they read the jury is interesting we have seen specialists similar to this on plenty of other courtroom dramas. I won’t be tuning in to watch this.

Chloe: The music is way more lighthearted than the plot seems to be aiming for. This also feels a little like Lie To Me – not original enough to keep my attention. And did they just give away the entire plot? Not interested.

Pure Genius (Thursdays, 10pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Not a bad trailer, and what promises to be a good performance from a newcomer, but I just didn’t feel it. There was no connection to the story for me. Maybe it’ll be different for someone of the medical profession, just like Bull was interesting to me, but so far, just not feeling it. Would you watch it or not – Probably not.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – Is this a show or a commercial? I’m still not sure. Might even be a car commercial for all I know.  Would you watch it – Nope.

Caryn:  I think this an interesting take on medical dramas, the use of technology with enough funding can do a lot. I also really love Dermot Mulroney. But there was nothing that truly gripped me in this trailer and I don’t think I will be adding it to my list of new shows in the fall, but I’m not willing to write it off yet, I might give it a chance at a later point.

Chloe: I wish I lived somewhere like that medical center – like, give me that hologram wall please. Anyway, it looks like shows centered on tech being used for some grand cause will be another trend this season. I’m not 100% sold – give me Grey’s Anatomy any day – but I’ll consider watching if I have time.

MacGyver (Fridays, 8pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – No, thank you. Though this is pop culture knowledge, I was never a fan of the original, and since this looks like basically the same, but with a younger, prettier cast, I’m going to have to decline. Not my type of show. Would you watch it or not – Nope.


Lyra: Overall thoughts – Unbelievable youth who has a keen ability to use the environment around him to his advantage. No spark or moment that jumps out at me about his journey. The most interesting thing about this show will be when he cuts his hair. It’ll go the same way as Felicity. Would you watch it or not – No.

Caryn: Perhaps this would be giving away my age but I remember the original MacGyver (or at least the reruns) I remember how shocking and cool it would be whenever he would quickly make a weapon or bomb out of anything, but now almost every action TV series has a character like that, so once again this feels like nothing new and pales in comparison to the original which filled a voided within that time period. MacGyver’s time is done. I will not be tuning in for this.

Chloe: I haven’t seen the original, and I don’t particularly care to – which already puts me off this show. Though seeing people use everyday objects to do crazy stuff does seem pretty satisfying, I don’t see myself watching this one.

Man With A Plan (Mondays, 8:30pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Surprisingly funny. I didn’t think I was going to laugh while watching the trailer, but I did. Also, Matt LeBlanc. We all love Matt LeBlanc. Would you watch it or not – Probably. Will this show be a priority for you – Not a priority, but I think this might be one of those I don’t mind checking out from time to time.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – This is the manliest I have ever seen Matt LeBlanc. And Pam?! I love seeing her on TV again. I would give it a chance just for her. This is going to be a different journey for viewers because of the male lead heading the household. It’s interesting. Also it does what I’ve always wanted to do, change the wifi password until others do their chores. Would you watch it or not – Yes. Will this show be a priority for you – Nope. It’s one of those, ‘if it’s on TV, I’ll watch it.’

Caryn: I feel like there are enough family comedies on television, and even this concept of the stay-at-home dad has been done ad nauseum. This feels like it’s from a different era and not in the good way. I am usually a big fan of comedies but humor is such an interesting genre and can be played with in so many different ways, this just feels lazy and overdone while using Matt LeBlanc’s name to give it traction. I will not be tuning in for this.

Chloe: Bored. No thanks.

The Great Indoors (Thursdays, 8:30pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Another surprisingly funny trailer for a show I probably won’t watch. No emotional attachment and the subject doesn’t’ really interest me, but the show seems well done and it might be one of those you can’t’ avoid watching on re-runs or something. Would you watch it or not – Nah.

Lyra: Overall thoughts – I can not look at the lead actor without thinking Jeff Winger from Community. Also it looks like a millennial explosion obsessed with Twitter and finding out different ways to drink your pee. I expect weekly cat videos. Would you watch it or not – Nope.

Caryn: This intrigued me mainly because I am interested in the sociological differences between the generations and partly because I work in this industry and some of the reactions were highly familiar. I adore the comic acting of both Joel McHale and Stephen Fry so I am willing to give this a chance, but if it becomes the usual outdated mocking of millennials I will probably won’t stick around.

Chloe:  This is like my job in social media meets REI. I’m not confident that this show has enough going for it to keep me engaged for a whole season, but the cast and the concept have me intrigued enough to check it out. Probably going to be a DVR show for me.

Kevin Can Wait (Mondays, 8:30pm)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – For something that, in theory, sounds familiar to Man With A Plan, this was just …boring. Didn’t laugh once during the trailer, and I even had a hard time finishing the trailer to begin with, so there’s no way I’m watching this. Would you watch it or not – No.


Lyra: Overall thoughts – Another stay at home dad show on CBS? Also heavy set man with a thin beautiful wife? Didn’t he do that show before? Thanks for the laugh track and the tv commercial hi-jinxs. Would you watch it or not – Hard pass.

Caryn: This seems like a sequel to King of Queens or any of the endless comedian-led family sitcoms of the late-90s, early 00’s. There was nothing in this trailer that felt fresh or especially hilarious. Like Man With A Plan, I think this the typical family comedy feeding off the big name lead actor. I will not be tuning in for this.

Chloe: What’s with all of the 5-minute trailers? Sorry Kevin, but for the “King of Comedy,” I didn’t laugh once – and was done before this trailer hit the 2-minute mark. No thank you.

Training Day (Midseason)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – Meh. Not my type of thing. A bit too dark and brooding for my taste. But then again, I thought the same thing about the movie. It’s easier to sit through this type of thing for two hours than once weekly, though. Would you watch it or not – Probably not.


Lyra: Overall thoughts – Another white male lead on CBS? Color me surprised. Only shining hope is Katrina Law being a BAMF. Can I have those scenes on Youtube? And if I’m really being honest, the new partner is a teeny bit interesting. He’s going to push the white male lead to rethink his methods. Maybe there’s a better way to stop the bad guys. Would you watch it or not – No.

Caryn: I have not seen the original film, but this the ambigious cop storyline is interesting but not enough to grip me, I’m not usually a fan of action heavy dramas. I will not be tuning in for this.

Chloe: Hmm. I feel like living in LA is stressful enough without me watching this show. I think it has potential – and I respect that it does seem to be seeking its own place in the world of cop shows – but I don’t know that I’m interested enough to watch.

Star Trek (January 2017)

Lizzie: Overall thoughts – I don’t even know what’s happening. Is this the time to say that I’ve never, ever watched anything Star Trek in my entire life? Not one thing. Does that mean my fangirl card is revoked? Would you watch it or not – There’s a lot of TV and no time to catch up enough to watch this.



Lyra: Overall thoughts – With CBS‘ lack of female representation and it’s hard pass on continuing with Supergirl, I doubt I’d watch this show. CBS couldn’t handle the cost of Supergirl so how can it make this show brilliant. I’m keeping my standards really low for a fandom I really enjoy. Would you watch it or not – If it’s a male lead explosion, like everything else on CBS, then no. Hard pass.

Caryn: The trailer showed such a little! Once again I have not seen anything in the Star Trek franchise so I feel like I’m the wrong audience for this, but the expanding of the world is an amazing concept for fans of the franchise. Perhaps if I’m able to catch up and get immersed in the world before then I will be tuning in. Otherwise I will sitting this one out.

Chloe: I never watched too much of the original Star Trek series, but I love J.J. Abrams’ movies. Obviously there’s not much to go off of from this trailer, but I’ll definitely be watching. This show would be a priority for me.


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