FanMail Box Offers Fun, Functional Stuff for Fangirls

fanmail subscription box review

There’s something so magical about subscription boxes. Whether you get them as a gift or “treat yoself,” they’re always a fun surprise in your mailbox. That said, with so many awesome subscription boxes to choose from, how do you know which ones are really worth it? If you consider yourself a fangirl, FanMail is the perfect place to start.

All About FanMail

This subscription box is “designed for lady geeks, by lady geeks” – a mission statement we are definitely on-board with. Each month’s box is designed around an exciting theme and is full of cool stuff from a variety of fandoms, from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to Teen Wolf and Marvel.

Even better, FanMail aims to support at least one small business run by women every month – it doesn’t get any better than supporting the ladies who make fandom so much fun.

FanMail offers a variety of subscription options to suit your fangirl lifestyle. Each box holds a guaranteed retail value of more than $50 (which could mean a t-shirt, autographs, exclusive swag, handmade items, etc.). You can order month-to-month for $21.99 or choose a 3, 6, or 12-month prepaid subscriptions for a slight discount. Prepaid customers also have the option to skip a month’s theme if they aren’t feeling it – something not offered by many subscription boxes out there.

FanMail April Subscription Box Review

fanmail subscription box review“This Means War” – a chilling phrase in pop culture, and FanMail’s April theme. With Captain America: Civil War releasing this week, Game of Thrones back on HBO, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens still very much on our minds, we can’t think of a cooler theme. April’s box contains so much awesome stuff from some of entertainment’s most exciting match-ups.

The first item in my FanMail box was one of my favorite features (and something that definitely sets this subscription box apart), even though it was just a piece of paper. Instead of the normal “packing list” we’re familiar with, FanMail includes a pop culture newsletter in each month’s box. This not only gives more information about the carefully curated picks in the box, but also recommendations for what to watch, play, and read that month. It’s a handy cheat sheet to remind you of books, shows, and movies you were excited to check out – and to point you toward ones that may not have been on your radar. The newsletter is a unique addition that further proves how in-touch FanMail’s creators are with the fangirls they’re catering to.

fanmail subscription box reviewNext up, the memorabilia and collectibles for the month. The “This Means War” FanMail box contained a variety of exclusives: a “Civil Sandbox” t-shirt and print (with the pop culture newsletter on the back) – a super cute design with nods to some of our favorite Civil War heroes – a Star Wars cosmetics bag, a Batman v. Superman lapel pin set, two Doctor Who/Rocky Horror mashup coasters, and a set of four Mad Max: Fury Road-themed pencils. Additional items included a Game of Thrones bracelet honoring House Targaryen, Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkowski lip balm, a signed bookmark for Consider by Kristy Acevedo, and a chapter sampler for And I Darken by Kiersten White.

The thing that struck me most strongly about FanMail is how useful the items are. FanMail really gets it: it’s not just about collecting, but about engaging in your passion for fandom in an exciting way. I love a good Funko Pop as much as the next girl, but when it comes to subscription boxes, I’d much rather have something I can actually use. (Let’s be real – we fangirls only have so much shelf space.) Every single item in this box is practical, and that makes my fangirl heart so happy.

While this month’s FanMail mostly centered on major fandoms like Star Wars and Marvel (which we already love), it still included items introducing me to new things. I love the presence of books – something I’m working on making a more major part of my fangirl life again – and am excited to check out the ones represented in the box.

If you’re looking for a fandom-centric subscription box that is practical and consistently great, you can’t go wrong with FanMail. Creators Rose and Jenny have truly made something special, and we look forward to seeing what future boxes hold.

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Disclosure: I received a free April subscription box for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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