Fans Are Giving Analyses of Alec Lightwood ‘Shadowhunters’ Character On Tumblr


When it was announced that Matthew Daddario would be this weeks Shadowhunters twitter chat, I had to stop and think. What would I ask Matthew? What would I say that was appropriate? Because quite frankly, I am pissed about the way that Alec is being portrayed in Shadowhunters. I am irate that there is even talk of marrying him off to a woman. I am pissed that he has four lines in the pilot.

But I know it’s not Matthew’s fault. I fully understand that. But I know that the writers and producers and publicity people pay attention to what the fans tweet. How do I know that? Well because I have worked in the entertainment industry for over 8 years and it has previously been my job to do nothing for days on end but to read the fans tweets and comments.

But I know that I can’t sit back and watch people think that Alec is getting any justice in this television show. Because he isn’t. What he is getting is a disservice.

There have been debates on tumblr – fans who have analyzed Alec Lightwood based on his sides and the pilot (which dig deep enough on tumblr people – cause it’s there). There is the side that says that says that Alec is something everyone will be happy with and the side that says that you won’t. The analyses are polar opposite. (click on the underlined words and you can read both sides of the debate).

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what is good enough for the characters that you fell in love with.

I know that some people refuse to see anything but what they deem the positive. I get it. I get why fans will latch onto everything positive in the show and why they deem what anyone else has to say about the television in the show as a negative. It’s all perception. But let me be perfectly frank – my loyalty isn’t to a television show. My loyalty is to the books that I love and the author that wrote them – Cassie Clare.

I get pissed when people ask me why I deserve to be a part of Shadowhunters because I am not solely dedicated to Cassie Clare. This website having an interest in many fandoms does not diminish my love or my loyalty to Cassie’s works. I may have a lot of things to say, but it’s because if there is one thing that I sincerely believe – it’s that you all deserve the truth.

Ultimately, Shadowhunters will air and it will be up to you to decide the truth. Social media gives you a snapshot of what you want to see. Everything that you see is calculated (trust me – that’s the beauty of social media, it gives you a snap shot of what people want you to see).

Television shows and movie come and go. They succeed and they fail – but inevitably they come to an end. The books are what you fell in love with – at least in book to movie adaptations. The books are forever. I pray that we all remember that.


Featured Image: Tumblr

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