The Fashion Evolution of Harry Styles


Harry Styles is a many of endless talents; from his voice, to his song writing, and even down to his charming and undeniably likable demeanor. He is world renowned as being one fourth of the powerful band One Direction, as well as his endless supply of famous and swoon worthy friends.

But another aspect of Mr Styles that has become equally synonymous with his name as his vocals, is his sense of style.  Any time this man hits a red carpet or event, what he wears is instantly on the radar of every fashion outlet, fans commenting, and others replicating. He has gone from a boyish, casual style, to one of Britain’s best dressed.

Lets take a look at the Evolution of Styles

When he first came on our radar in 2010 as a fresh faced, adorable 16 year old, he was as anyone would expect. Clean cut, in jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. His mop of brown curls and boyish dimply intensified his youthful look, but even then, we knew he was something special.




Moving on to 2011, we could already see Harry’s style changing. Gone were the oversized sweaters and thick beanies, replaced instead with floppy bow ties and blazers. In the hands of talented and notable stylists, Harry’s predilection for bucking trends was already beginning.




As we worked our way through 2012, it seemed as though this was the year that Harry truly began to come in to his own style (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little). The tight black skinnys emerged, paired with sexy blazers and tailored shirts, making us take notice of his look, just as much as his looks.




2013 seemed to be when Harry Styles, the style icon truly stepped into the lime light. The skinnies got holes in the knees, the edge flannel shirts covered the clean, crisp t-shirts, while the hair got a new, tamed, but just as ‘run your fingers through it’ style as he was known for. Additionally, this was the year that the boots stepped out (another pun, sorry…), although not as edgy as what would be to come.


By the end of this year, the silky scarves, the low buttoned shirts, and a prize at the British Style Awards all came to be for Mr Styles.




With 2014, came the hair. Oh, the hair. The first photo emerging of our Harry with his longer locks caused a frenzie on twitter, many in the fandom swooning. With this, came the bandanas, holding back said hair with a rocker chic edge. Along with his new coif, came the appearance of the see through shirts, a style choice and truly began to set Harry apart from the rest of the fray in music. Gone was the quiet, casual boyish looks, replaced with a style that was undeniably rock star.




In 2015, the style of Styles progressed, just as did his hair. As the locks grew, the chest was bared in shirts with the first four buttons undone almost constantly. A bohemian touch was added, coupled against his new penchant for adventurous styles in footwear. The gold boots, anyone?



2016 has been a slow year so far for One Direction sightings, thanks to their hiatus. As such there has been little chance for Harry to show off his unique and every changing style. But, I suppose he went out with a bang, while attending the 2016 American Music Awards in a Gucci white and gray flower patterned suit. Even months later, this style choice is still the talk of the town, and one that truly set Harry in to a league of his own with his daring and ever evolving choices.




As we are still in the first half of 2016, and One Direction is on the beginning end of their hiatus, Harry has settled into a more casual trend of attire. Still with the hair, growing more luscious with each day, and the shirts that have us literally leaning forward to stare blatantly at his chest, but with a more relaxed style of a man on a break from the spotlight.

Undoubtedly, regardless of when One Direction decide to return to the stage, cameras will continue to follow Harry everywhere he goes. And not just because he is, well, HARRY FREAKING STYLES, but for those in the fashion industry, the interest in his clothes is just as headline catching as his adventures in Hollywood.

We here at Fangirlish intend to follow everything that is Styles…obviously.


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